The Easy Way to Know Image SEO

Image is an important part of webpage. It is one of the helper of Google ranking. But Google doesn’t read image. So image needs to do SEO. The processes to make the image SEO are given below:

Alt text: Search engine can read your webpage text but doesn’t read your image. That’s why search engine search for alt text. Because search engine can understand about the image and do rank by reading alt text. So use your image as Alt text.

Keyword should be used in the case of using Alt text.The Easy Way to Know Image SEOFile size and format: Page loading time is an important matter in Google raking algorithm. It is hard for ranking a page which takes much time to load. It takes too much time to load a page because of each image of webpage. So it takes much time if any size of image is big. So the image needs to be as small as possible. It will be better if the size of any image is 640×480 pixels and should be saved to the file as JPEG or PNG format.

Image file name: That we give as image file name lies in the webpage code. At the time of scroll Google catches all things in the algorithm code. That’s why you can not give varieties types of name such as: image12345.jpg relevant word or keyword should be given in the filename. But is best to use keyword.

The Easy Way to Know Image SEO

Beware of your decorative image: you should be aware of using decorative image such as: background image, button image, border image etc. It will be better to design it is possible to use CSS by decreasing decorative image. Any kind of alt text of decorative image should not be used.

These works should be done for ranking as these are very important tasks.

Thanks everyone for reading my post. I hope you all like it.

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