how to install bijoy for windows 8

How to Install Bijoy Bangla Software for Windows 8

Really It’s an easy methods. Actually Bijoy Bangla Software is likely one of the most popular Bangla typing/writing software in Bangladesh. Not also long previous to Microsoft Corporation was once released their newest working operating system windows 8 and windows 8.1. But Bijoy Bangla software now not releases Bijoy for windows 8 and windows 8.1. As a results windows 8 and windows 8.1 consumers can not setup Bijoy Bangla Software for windows 8 and windows 8.1. But there are some and easy methods to put in how to install Bijoy Bangla software for windows 8 and windows 8.1.

how to install bijoy for windows 8


1. You need to any update version of Bijoy software package or Bijoy Bangla software CD or DVD and internet connection.

2. Then Go to Control Panel from your installed windows 8 or windows 8.1, and then go to Programs.

3. After clicking Programs, open a New Window. Check the “Turn Windows features on or off”. Now click on it then open a New Window.

4. Then Click on .Net Framework 3.5 (contains .web 2.0 and .web 3.0)

5. Wait few minute for download update from the internet. For those who should not have an internet connection, then that you would able to obtain .net Framework 3.5 downloads from the Microsoft Corporation.

6. After downloading .Net Framework 3.5, install Bijoy Bangla Software for windows 8 or windows 8.1.

Job Done —– then Enjoy.

how to install windows 7 on mac using virtualbox

How to Install Windows 7/8 on MacBook and iMac Using VirtualBox – A complete Guideline

I already shared my other blog site an article on How to Install Windows 7/8 on Your MacBook Using Boot Camp utility . Now I am here with a new item of the same class, but with VirtualBox .


Now with the VirtualBox method has the advantage that is definitely like . No need to constantly fresh Windows operating system start-up in the system. Can the Windows operating system , without the use of starting . This means you do not need to create . To separate partition.


VirtualBox is a utility that allows the user to start to run without it. Operating system on a

You must first download and install VirtualBox , follow the on-screen instructions and restart .
Steps to install Windows on Mac with VirtualBox.

how to install windows 7 on mac using virtualbox

How to install windows 7 on Mac using VirtualBox: Follow these simple instructions

  •   Now you have to start in VirtualBox first Windows operating system and then you will be able to carry it off.
  • To start the application and insert the Windows CD .
  • Now click on the New button in the application and click on “Create New Virtual Machine ” and click Next .
  • Adjust the RAM that Windows should be assigned . To a maximum of 30 % , the . Not affect the performance of your Mac.
  • Enter the name of the operating system if you like ( it will be good if you have a Windows Write it ), select the operating system from the drop -down menu and click Next .
  • Now again click on the New button to create a virtual hard disk partition on which the new operating system is installed to create .
  • You will be prompted to select the type of image, and here you have the ‘ dynamically expanding image option. “
  • Now then , the location and size options , because then click the Finish button.

Now , is that OS will be added upon request to the list.

Start Windows in VirtualBox

Well , if the application icon in the system (initially ), and then click the Start button to start the Windows operating system in VirtualBox .

  •   Now click on the Next button and the following screen, select the media on which the operating system ( CD – ROM ) is stored , and then click Next .
  • On the next screen , click Finish to system files boat launches in.

Now you can get a glass of water , because the process takes to get completed a few minutes. You can use Windows 7 or 8 , or XP operating system with this method .

Once the installation is complete , you will notice that you used to be able to use the Windows operating system for perfection in your Mac system . You need the drivers and software , install the Windows operating system a few works well , as you know , a new version of Windows requires software to be installed .