wordpress.org vs wordpress.com

Which one you will use? WordPress.org or WordPress.com

Which one you will use? WordPress.org or WordPress.com ? If you’re a blogpost user or new user of wordpress then you will be surprised after seeing two types of wordpress. Some questions may come to your mind, such as :

1. What is WordPress.org and WordPress.com?
2. What are the differences between them?
3. Which one I will use in my blog?

If it is happen then there is no need to think yourself alone. In this post I will share something about WordPress.org and WordPress.com and their differences along with other information. You can select the perfect one for your site or blog from these.

What is WordPress.org

WordPress is an open source software and bloging tool by which about 60 million websites were created around the world. You can download the latest version of WordPress CMS from WordPress.org and it runs with its own web hosting. You will get many theme, plug-in, wordpress news, community support etc in this website.

Benefits of WordPress.org

1. WordPress theme and plug-in are available here. You can install which one you want. You can change and customize your theme according to your choice. Plug-ins will help you to increase different types of efficiency of your sites.
2. You can keep proper control over your site and information. You don’t have to think about any service terms.
3. You can earn money from your blog as you want. You can easily use third party like Adsense’s advertisement network.
4. You can edit your file by FTP or Cpanel.
5. You don’t have to worry about storage space.
6. You will get benefit of custom analytics and tracking.

The conclusion of WordPress.org

1. If you want to host your site in a web hosting site then you have to pay $3-$7 and yearly domain cost $10.
2. You have to conduct your own backup. There are many plug-ins in BTW which will keep backup for you.
3. You have to upgrade and maintain your site.

wordpress.org vs wordpress.com

What is WordPress.com

You can create a free blog by WordPress.com. But it has some restriction. It is powered by the same software used by WordPress.org. Besides, if you use it, you will get rid from installing and maintaining wordpress.

Benefits of WordPress.com

1. It has 3 GB free. Fro additional use, you have to pay $20 for 10 GB, $50 for 25 GB, $160 for 100 GB yearly.
2. You don’t have to worry about backup, maintenance and upgrade.

Conclusion of WordPress.com

1. You can select your theme only from some limited theme and these themes can not be customized.
2. Though, wordpress is most popular for its large number of plug-in but you cannot use this plug-ins. If you want to use these plug-in then you have to go to their vip program where you have to pay monthly which starts from $3750.
3. You can control your site and information marginally. They can erase your blog anytime if they find anything against their terms and services.
4. You can not sell advertisement in your blog if your site doesn’t have 25000 page view monthly. Otherwise they will cut half of your income.
5. Sometimes they can show advertisement in your blog.

Which one you should use

1. If you are an amateur blogger, want to do blogging for personal journal or for fun and if you have no will to earn money then WordPresss.com will be suitable fop you.
2. If you want to earn money or enhance your business through blogging or want to build your carrier as a blogger by doing blogging then WordPress.org will be best for you.
3. At last, I will suggest for using WordPress.org instead of WordPress.com. The reasons are as follows:
(1) You will get a custom design with WordPress.org for your blog/site.
(2) You will get thousands of plug-ins in WordPress.org and you can do whatever you want by this plug-ins.
(3) You can earn money from your blog.
(4) Along with the full control of your site you will have a domain name of your own name.
(5) You can do SEO of your site to get visit from search engine.
(6) You can track your site’s performance.

If the primary costs are not a problem for you then you can start your blogging by WordPress.org.
Happy blogging!