Bijoy Bangla Mobile Keyboard

Bijoy Bangla Mobile Keyboard – How to Install It

Within full screen QWERY mode if replace Latin keyboard by way of symbian s60v5 with belle bangla keyboard. I removed Latin characters and restore it with bangla unicode font. You can observe bangla in every anywhere in your phone it look good if you type that with this keyboard. Some complex script matter will come if typed also where.

Bijoy Bangla Mobile Keybord – How to install?

1. 1st go to c:\resource\Fonts\

2. Note the file/folder names of all the font you have ( at least 4 font have to contain some of you may have 6 )

3. Currently download the attached font.

4. Copy and rename it with your individual fonts same number of time as your font in /resource/Fonts/

5. Currently go to E:\resource\Fonts\

6. If no file/folder present named Fonts create it.

7. Copy all the fonts with the intention of you renamed.

8. Restart/reset your phone.

Bijoy Bangla Mobile Keyboard


Note : 4 fonts file names are

s60snr . ttf

s60ssb . ttf

s60tsb . ttf

S60ZDIGI . ttf

If your phone has 6 fonts file after that other 2 file name may also require. I forgot those 2 (two) filenames. They are uncommon may be found in multi words supported firmware (Phone Software)

If you not capable to check your fonts file in c:\resource\Fonts\ now do the process according to above/over font names. This will job.

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