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Here is a list of my top 10 forex blogs. I follow these blogs using my own email on a standard basis, and I locate them attractive and very useful. I believe they should be on all forex trader’s feed.


So, at this time top 10 forex blogs:

  1. Kathy Lien: Beast of currency study at Global Forex Trading (GFT). She provides attractive technical and fundamental analysis, forex signal and strategies. A important part of posts are of her attractive TV interviews.
  2. FXPath: Huge technical analysis by forex specialist James Chen. He is also the admistrator of the book: fundamentals of Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading.
  3. Currency Thoughts: Larry Green berg, an expert currency economist bring forex information from many places all above the world, and in detail analysis of present proceedings.
  4. Forex Blog: This is forex blog is written by Andrei. ever since 2006, Andrei’s excellent blog for forex news,  updates on forex software  (including code), technological look and lot of more.
  5. Trading NRG: Lior Cohen provides in deepness daily, weekly and monthly analysis, forecasts, news and more other, about all related to oil, gold, commodities, ETF and much more. A must for anybody who trade these economical instruments.
  6. Francesc Riverola: CEO of FX Street provide forex business news, full statistics of his large forex portal and spices up his blog with additional stuff as well.
  7. The Forex Articles: James Wooley speaks his mind about forex strategies, forex trading ideas and more details.
  8. Trading U – Chicago Blog: Jay Norris provides about psychological effects of forex trading, trading pattern, technical analysis and more.
  9. Winners Edge Trading: Last other than not least, Casey Stubbs at Winners Edge Trading, with a individual center on one of the most popular currency pairs: EUR/USD. His huge posts with reference to trading psychology too have a large share in his content.


Significant notes:

  • Presently blogs are in this inventory. Even as there are a lot of definitions for blogs, and there is a very well line between a blog or a website, I stick by two definitions: chronologically ordered in overturn (last post first), and the alternative to comment. There are lots of good quality forex blog sites out there. I listed here just blogs.
  • I listed here just blogs or website that are to my liking.
  • No single paid me for this as well as him in this list
  • The order in the list does not stand for an interior ranking.


I infrequently feature these blogs or websites on my own forex links for the weekend post. This list was composed following Casey Stubbs complete a similar list, which I am happy to be fraction of.


From side to side Casey’s list, I am receiving to know new blogs or websites. Enjoy! Is present any other forex blog/website that you advise? Gratify contact me.


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Thank you.