Download Time 4 Popcorn New Version

This Popcorn Time service not just offer movies but Television shows too. Just choose a film or episode and press play.


Great movies and television shows


We are constantly searching all around the web to find the best torrents from the most critical sites.


No limitations


Watch any movie as numerous occasions as you would like. All that you should get began is actually a good web connection.

Awesome catalogue


When the movie is available, Popcorn Time will get the best version likely and begin showing it immediately.


The highest quality


Be careful about your movie instantly in HD with subtitles. Following which stay scrutiny.


Download the software from their official site

New features:

Windows version up-to-date to 5.0, Mac still at 4.9, and Linux reaches version 3.2

  • Anime section – yes, plenty of you requested it, now you must it.
  • Cartoons section, it is there now, no longer working yet, and can be triggered within the next couple of days!
  • Seeding – Until recently upon installing a film with Popcorn Time you’d seed the torrent only although it downloads. Not-deliberately we produced a residential area of leaches (sorry community) and it is time to adjust that. Within the latest version there’s an “enable seeding” check box, though only a couple of hrs ago we found a couple of difficulties with this selection so right now it’s hinders and it will be enable within the future days.
  • Search suggestions (auto complete) – Just in case you aren’t sure about the full heading from the movie.
  • Keyboard navigation
  • An enormous and growing library of films – Now allow helps you men discover movies which this is not on Popcorn Time.
  • Formerly viewed list – just in case you do not know precisely what movies you have viewed, what affair you are on etc.
  • Link with several movie sources, therefore if one goes lower for whatever reason, we have your back.
  • Bug fixes.