5 reasons for which you can not be a successful freelancer

5 reasons for which you can not be a successful freelancer

The wind of freelancing is blowing in our country. Everyone is busy to earn money through internet and wants to be rich staying at home. Is it easy to be rich by staying at home? The freelancing seems to be the easiest method of earning from outside where money can get by sitting in front of computer. Many people think computer is a dollar printing machine. They come to do freelancing rapidly but after some days they understand that the work is not for them.

Let’s see 5 reasons for which you can not be a successful freelancer:

Patience: Patience is the first quality for being successful in freelancing. You can not be able to survive in the world of freelancing without patience. New freelancers have to give the test of patience. It can take 3 months instead of 1 month to get work. You can’t lose hope.

Strategy: Why you suppose that you are able to work in freelancing market place? Will you be able to delivery international level work? You should be skilled if you want be successful in freelancing. The knowledge of “ABCD” won’t work here. If you think that you are able to work international quality works the come to freelancing. Otherwise do practice. Without knowing anything about freelancing you can get work by luck but you can not complete the work properly. So, prepare yourself for doing international level work the n come to freelancing.

5 reasons for which you can not be a successful freelancer

English: I know some people who are skilled in work but they don’t get any work after coming in freelancing. Weak in English, is the main reason of it. You have to be well skilled in English if you want to be successful in freelancing. How you will work if you can not understand what your client is telling you. It is not that you have to learn the whole English dictionary. You just have to learn the basic knowledge of English for chatting or communicating with the buyer. Otherwise you will not be able to work in freelancing.

Laziness: Don’t wish to eat by doing work? Sleep comes if you sat in front of computer? Then freelancing is not for you. I said before, freelancing is not so easy and comfortable as it seems. Together with physical stress it has emotional stress too. You might work for 8-10 hours at a stretch. So if you are a lazy people then freelancing is not for you.

Work in low rate: After passing the entire exam above you can not be a successful freelancer and for that you have to prove yourself as a poor to the foreign buyer then it will be a great benefit for you. The beggar of Jigatola, Dhaka earns much than you where you are earning 10-15 cents. So work on average rate without ruining the market by doing work on a low rate. You are not also damaging yourself but also damaging the entire freelancer by doing work on a low rate. So work on a good rate and then your bank balance will increase.

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