The Easy Way to Know Image SEO

The Easy Way to Know Image SEO

Image is an important part of webpage. It is one of the helper of Google ranking. But Google doesn’t read image. So image needs to do SEO. The processes to make the image SEO are given below:

Alt text: Search engine can read your webpage text but doesn’t read your image. That’s why search engine search for alt text. Because search engine can understand about the image and do rank by reading alt text. So use your image as Alt text.

Keyword should be used in the case of using Alt text.The Easy Way to Know Image SEOFile size and format: Page loading time is an important matter in Google raking algorithm. It is hard for ranking a page which takes much time to load. It takes too much time to load a page because of each image of webpage. So it takes much time if any size of image is big. So the image needs to be as small as possible. It will be better if the size of any image is 640×480 pixels and should be saved to the file as JPEG or PNG format.

Image file name: That we give as image file name lies in the webpage code. At the time of scroll Google catches all things in the algorithm code. That’s why you can not give varieties types of name such as: image12345.jpg relevant word or keyword should be given in the filename. But is best to use keyword.

The Easy Way to Know Image SEO

Beware of your decorative image: you should be aware of using decorative image such as: background image, button image, border image etc. It will be better to design it is possible to use CSS by decreasing decorative image. Any kind of alt text of decorative image should not be used.

These works should be done for ranking as these are very important tasks.

Thanks everyone for reading my post. I hope you all like it.

SEO or Graphic Design - Which have proper income in freelancing

SEO or Graphic Design – Which have proper income in freelancing

The main objective: SEO or Graphic Design? – Which have proper income in freelancing?

To be successful in freelancing you need to learn the works and then attempt should be start. If you don’t start the work properly you can not think of income. Those who have gained success among my students, listen to them, they became successful with their hard work.  I just tried to give them the proper guideline.

I usually get questions about what to learn, how to do income and how it will happen. I always give the answer like that, “You can do income at every way you will follow”. You just need to love the work and have to be skilled by doing hard work. However, I tried to discuss about the income source of SEO and Graphic in this tune.

Take a look at the SEO income sectors:

  • Adsense: Do you know blogging? Can bring targeted traffic into your blog? If you know these then there is no obstacle to the Adsense income. There are many online resources about how to open account and how to maintain it etc. Try to read it once by own self. You can gain much income. It is possible to earn $200-$5000 per month. You can earn a lot more if you can be skilled.
  • Affiliation: There will be no barriers to start affiliation if you learned to take your site at the top rank. Start working by selecting the right niche. There are many resources about how to open an account. Affiliation income is the active sector of online income. There has the best possibility of income.
  • Tshirt Affiliation: Can you select niche? Know Facebook free-paid marketing? Then why to wait!!! Start it immediately to do best. It is the easiest income source. You can earn $200-$3000 easily.
  • Ecommerce business: If you know how to send messages to the targeted person by Facebook paid marketing and how to develop content you can start e-commerce business. You’ll be successful. You can earn about $200-$500 possibly.
  • Any local business: local businesses are bearing more importance than online marketing. You must know that. You can start the business then. Income depends on the types of business. Now every company depends on online marketing.
  • Services for others: All the businessmen want to promote their products or brand in online. They do it by own self, in that case you can earn by helping them to promote their products or brand as you know it properly. You can work fulltime in a company. The salary will be 15000-70000tk if you do the job.
  • Income in marketplace: Lots of companies of the world come to the marketplace (upwork, fiverr) for searching perfect marketer to promote their brand. You can be their brand marketer if you have the quality. It is possible to earn $1000-$5000 per month.

SEO or Graphic Design - Which have proper income in freelancing

Let’s see the online income sectors for graphic designers now:

Design Competition: There are many marketplaces where you can earn by taking participation in the design competition. Any buyer of these marketplaces arranges this competition to get their important designs. Who will win this competition; he will be awarded at the end of the competition. Usually, the award limit is $300 to $1200. This type of famous site is:

Selling of designs: There are a few marketplaces where one can save their own designs. Many buyers go there and buy a design according to their choice. A design can be sold more times. That means, one design brings success many times to you. The amount income depends on which product you are uploading. This type of famous site is:

Arrange work by bidding: There are a lot of market places where buyers do the tune by describing their works. Freelancers apply there to do the work and this is called bidding. The portfolio is not strong here that’s why it is difficult to get work for the new comer. You can’t earn many at first but after some month you can earn 1-2 lakhs per month. This type of famous site is:

Income through selling gigs:  freelancers mention their services at the site and this is called gig. Different buyers read the gigs and order one gig according to their choice. You can get many orders in one gig. You don’t need to worry about doing gig. It is possible to earn 20,000-1, 00,000 taka per month. This type of famous site is:

You will get many more websites in online where you can earn also. You can design t-shirts or other gift items and can sell them through your website.

Can you earn if you learn to work?

Anyway, don’t be greedy seeing this good career, learn to work first, increase your temptation to be skilled one. If you can make yourself skillful you can earn money as much as you can.

There are many sectors for income, so you can earn money through these. But you can’t build your career by dreaming.

Requirements for building a career:

  • Proper guidelines.
  • Proper training.
  • Own labor.
  • Own perseverance.
  • Own attempt.

You cannot do income if you don’t learn to work. You can do income by joining different projects and after gaining skill properly. But it is true that, some of my students started to income during the course. In that case, he did too much practice and his luck favored on him also. We can say it the favor of luck if one can earn without skill. You can earn 100% income if you can gain the ability to work.

So increase your skill by practicing, which you will learn through the course. Nobody can prevent you. You can be the hero at everywhere in freelancing or service.

So let’s start. Prepare yourself for a bright career. Make yourself expert for freelancing work. Then you can take part in financial matters of your family to help them. One day you can tell others the story of your success. If many of my students can be successful then why don’t you.