Reviews of Ocenaudio New Version and Download Free

Ocenaudio is a cross platform and simple to use, fast and useful audio editor. It’s the ideal software for those who have to edit and evaluate audio recordings without complications.


This software is dependent on Ocen Framework, a effective library designed to simplify and standardize the introduction of audio manipulation and analysis applications across multiple platforms. Ocenaudio also offers effective features which will please more complex customers.


VST plugins support


Ocenaudio supports VST plugins, giving its customers use of numerous effects. Such as the native effects, VST effects can use real time preview to assistant configuration.


Real time preview of things


Using effects for example EQ, gain and blocking is an integral part of audio editing. However, it’s very tricky to obtain the preferred result by modifying the wheel configuration by yourself – you have to listen in the processed audio. To alleviate the configuration of audio effects, Ocenaudio includes a real-time preview feature: you hear the processed signal while modifying the controls.


The result configuration window includes a miniature look at the chosen audio signal. You are able to navigate about this miniature view in the same manner while you do around the primary interface, choosing parts that appeal to you and inquiry the result right away.


Cross display place support


Ocenaudio can be obtained for those major os’s: Microsoft Home windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Native programs are produced for every platform from the common source, to be able to achieve excelent performance and seamless integration using the operating-system. All versions of ocenaudio possess a uniform group of features and also the same graphical interface, therefore the abilities you learn in a only single platform can be used within the others.


Help ocenaudio development, a effective toolset of audio editing, analysis and manipulation known as Ocen Framework was produced. ocenaudio can also be according to Qt framework, a common library for combine platform development.


Multi choice for delicate model


To accelerate complex audio recordings editing, ocenaudio includes multi-selection. With this particular amazing tool, you are able to concurrently choose different servings of a sound file and listen, edit or perhaps apply an impact for them.


For instance, if you wish to normalize just the excerpts of the interview in which the interviewee is speaking, just choose them and use the effect.


Efficient editing of enormous files


By ocenaudio, there is no limit towards the length or the amount of the audio recordings you are able to edit. Utilizing an advanced memory management system, the applying keeps your files open without wasting all of your computer’s memory. Even just in files several hrs lengthy, common editing procedures for example copy, cut or paste occur very speedily.


Completely featured spectrogram


As well offering an amazing waveform look at your audio recordings, ocenaudio includes a effective and finish spectrogram view. Within this view, you are able to evaluate the spectral contented of the audio indicate with most clearness.


Higher customers are going to be surprised to locate the spectrogram configurations are applied instantly. The display is up-to-date immediately when changing features like the quantity of frequency bands, window size and type and dynamic selection of the display.

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New Features:

  • Fix all records filter in unlock dialog
  • Fix result using mistake on Home windows
  • New support for AudioUnits effects from Apple
  • Fix sample in generate quality or sound
  • Fix a bug when remove working file in certain conditions
  • Fix duplicate files in rpm packages
  • New device options shortcut (Mac/Windows)