how to install windows 7 on mac using virtualbox

How to Install Windows 7/8 on MacBook and iMac Using VirtualBox – A complete Guideline

I already shared my other blog site an article on How to Install Windows 7/8 on Your MacBook Using Boot Camp utility . Now I am here with a new item of the same class, but with VirtualBox .


Now with the VirtualBox method has the advantage that is definitely like . No need to constantly fresh Windows operating system start-up in the system. Can the Windows operating system , without the use of starting . This means you do not need to create . To separate partition.


VirtualBox is a utility that allows the user to start to run without it. Operating system on a

You must first download and install VirtualBox , follow the on-screen instructions and restart .
Steps to install Windows on Mac with VirtualBox.

how to install windows 7 on mac using virtualbox

How to install windows 7 on Mac using VirtualBox: Follow these simple instructions

  •   Now you have to start in VirtualBox first Windows operating system and then you will be able to carry it off.
  • To start the application and insert the Windows CD .
  • Now click on the New button in the application and click on “Create New Virtual Machine ” and click Next .
  • Adjust the RAM that Windows should be assigned . To a maximum of 30 % , the . Not affect the performance of your Mac.
  • Enter the name of the operating system if you like ( it will be good if you have a Windows Write it ), select the operating system from the drop -down menu and click Next .
  • Now again click on the New button to create a virtual hard disk partition on which the new operating system is installed to create .
  • You will be prompted to select the type of image, and here you have the ‘ dynamically expanding image option. “
  • Now then , the location and size options , because then click the Finish button.

Now , is that OS will be added upon request to the list.

Start Windows in VirtualBox

Well , if the application icon in the system (initially ), and then click the Start button to start the Windows operating system in VirtualBox .

  •   Now click on the Next button and the following screen, select the media on which the operating system ( CD – ROM ) is stored , and then click Next .
  • On the next screen , click Finish to system files boat launches in.

Now you can get a glass of water , because the process takes to get completed a few minutes. You can use Windows 7 or 8 , or XP operating system with this method .

Once the installation is complete , you will notice that you used to be able to use the Windows operating system for perfection in your Mac system . You need the drivers and software , install the Windows operating system a few works well , as you know , a new version of Windows requires software to be installed .