Learn Language Bangla for Kids

Easy Learn Bangla Language Software for Kids

When your kids say “আমার সোনার বাংলা আমি তোমায় ভালবাসি……” in other then Bengali I think then you feel “what is the demand of mother language?” So I’m afraid! Because no others nation can’t get success without being mother language and I love my mother language Bangla. For avoid that kind of bad Situation some people are working for you and they provide some excellent solution. In my article I bring some favorite Learn Bangla Language Software for Kids on behalf of International Mother Language day.

Let’s go to detail but we need know about what the mother language is and how we got my mother language at 21st February 1952?

On 21st February 1952 the wonderful day spring at Bangladesh all of nation including students, workers, farmers staying on road to recantation of rule against our mother language Bangla in opposition to scandalous of Pakistani rules,  

Then they attacked us and we sacrifice our life by the name of Salam, Barkot, Rafique, Jabber with many and the day had been changed a red letter day in history of Bangladesh given by our blood.

Learn Language Bangla for Kids

Why need Bangl language?

In the period of Globalization more then 5 million Bangladeshi and our Neighboring countries are residing in several parts of the world. Passed long time next generation of those should leave behind identity and heritage of Bangla. As the voice of great poet Michel madusudon datta “no nation can get success without being mother language” so grow up good citizens it is must be related to language and cultural background.

When you thought that is difficult to maintain, Learn Bangla Software gives you a helpful hand to learn and talk about Bangla for your children in this multicultural society also who like to visit the beautiful Bangladesh.

About Learn Bangla Language Software for Kids:

This is a complete version for compute, laptop and all kinds of mobile device inculcating iPhone and android apps. In following of article below described about features of this interested and why gets more popularity day by day.

  1. Present all Bengali vowel and consonant characters on articulation method.
  2. Learn number 1, 2, 3,………..10 inculcating Bangla by displaying attractive Images with available options of multiple counting choices.
  3. Writing words on screen its gives more facility to hand-writing practices and saves.
  4. The easy traditional rhyme of each characters pronunciation this can more helpful for talking Bangla.
  5. You can test your skilled by using this software.

You can download free and paid this software from below any links.

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Requirement of System:

Windows 7/8/vista, NT, also latest versions of windows and android device.

Thanks for choosing this software.