bijoy bayanno (52)

Solution to Install the New Version of Bangle Software Bijoy Bayanno (52) – A Complete Installation Method

You may not get anyone by searching with the hurricane who doesn’t know about the unique Bangla typing software – Bijoy Bayanno (52). Most of us have started our Bengali typing with Bijoy keyboard. Though Bijoy is now faded to the younger generation but if you calculate the number you will get to see a lot of Bijoy user than others.  However, those who have Bijoy are using the old version of Bijoy. Because any technology blog or website which known as update didn’t bring any new tune about Bijoy. However, come to the point now. Today I bring to you the latest version of Bijoy Bayanno which is named Bijoy Bayanno 2014. Those who want to download, click on the link given below.

However, the new version of Bijoy Bangla software is being published in 2016. This is the best Bayanno edition of Bijoy which is compatible with Windows 8 and 10. At the same time the Bijoy Ekushey and Ekattor software of Windows is being updated.  This version is compatible with Windows 8 in addition to Windows 10. Mac’s Bijoy and Linux’s Bijoy are also being updated. Meanwhile android’s Bijoy has been emerged. This time Bijoy have exceeded 100 Bengali fonts. Hope that you will get the new version very soon. You can download the version of 2014 for the time being.

bijoy bayanno (52)

Some words about Bijoy:

I don’t want to increase the size of this tune by writing about the uses and installation of Bijoy as you all know that.  However, I would like to say that there is no lack of good and free software in today’s free software market of the world. As an alternative to Bijoy, Avro is popular software and its usage is totally free. There we have to use Bijoy by purchasing.

But if I speak in terms of ethics then we should recognize Mostafa Jabbar’s contribution by purchasing this software. Those who don’t want to use by purchasing this, a CD-Key have given in the Zip file. So use it without any tension.


Solution for Windows 8 and 8.1 of the .NET framework:

It will require .NET Framework 3.5 during Bijoy installing those who use windows 8 or 8.1. The .Net Framework file is very big in size and it takes long time during installation. It will take their whole life for those have slow internet connection. Whatever, to resolve this problem one should prepare a .bat file writing the codes given below and should run the .bat file in administrator mode.

@echo off


Dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /All

/Source:G:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess


Copy and paste this code to the note pad. Note: that Source:G is the driver letter of the CD Rom or the bootable pen drive. You have to put the CD-Rom or bootable Pen drive’s drive letter which will suits your system. Then save the note pad by giving the .bat file to the extension. Then put the Windows DVD or bootable pen drive to the DVD Rom. Right click on the bat file and click on “ Run as administrator ”. You will see the work has begun. Wait for it as it will take some times to end. Now the work is finished. If you start to update the Windows 8.1 version you will get an option whether you will install .Net 3.5 with this setup. So if you install this from there you shouldn’t have to face any problem in future.


Download Bijoy Bayanno New Version: Click Here


Last thing is,

If you like it or you have problem to understand it then don’t forget to tell me through the comments. Because it will encourage me to do best tune for the next. Thank you.

How To Create a Memorable Forum Profile

Thinking of how to create a memorable forum profile? An online forum profile enables you to increase your business revenue as well as maintaining customer loyalty. They are popular with the web community as they act as a meeting point. Below are steps to take when creating these profiles.


How to Create a Memorable Forum Profile


  • Find Forum Software

You should find forum software that is easy to install. There are several types of forum software that you can choose from when creating your forum profiles.


You can use software types that offer free versions or others that charge premiums for you to use.

You can also use remotely hosted forums that don’t require any software installation.That’s because the forum company hosts the server. That might cost you money, or you will have to be ready for commercial advertises on your forum.


You should not worry about installing this software as many forum businesses offer this service.


  • Find the Target Market

Have an idea of what your market target is. Targets can be your business community or buyers. That helps you avoid creating too many forums that do not have particular topics. You obliviously want visitors to your site to find interesting forums going on.


You may be asking how you will move from that empty forum to one that has exciting topics. The main thing to remember is that people generate topics. Therefore if quality visitors encounter interesting questions and replies on your profile, they will most likely contribute.


Tricks you should use to pull people to your profile include:

  • Be minimal

You should start with a maximum of four forums. If you have many different ideas for a forum, you can break them into subtopics. That will make starting a conversation easier.


Then group the subtopics under these forums. You should then start breaking down your forums as individual entries come in from your client’s posts.That enables you to move existing topics to their categories and avoids making your forum look empty.


  • Contribute to your forum

You should make it your routine to post on your forums in the initial stages. You can do this by asking the frequently asked questions posting their answers.For example, about the products or issues you may have posted on your forum. That enables would-be members to reply to these posts, therefore, initiating a conversation.


  • Market It to Your Local Community

You should remember that even the largest global brands were once small startups. You should, therefore, get in touch with your local business community or partners and let them know about your online forum.

Getting a conversation started is easier when people who know about your brand comment about it. Remember that word of mouth is the first advertising trick.


  • Publish content

Some sites allow you to publish their materials, as long as you keep all their links contact and the information intact. They do this as they know these markets their articles. The best sites are the ones that charge a fee for their content. That’s because free articles may sometimes be common. Clients searching for this articles end up on your forum.


Business Benefits of Online Forums


  • Companies benefit from these online communities as forums are commonly known. That’s because they can get feed backs about their products as well as offer new products on these sites.


  • Since these forums offer companies an opportunity to answer their client’s questions, they enable new forum members to get ready answers to their queries. That’s because another member might have asked the same question before and had been answered.


What to Consider


  • You should respond to all your online community posts. That’s because avoiding or deleting negative comments won’t save you from a negative review. That’s because these complaints can be posted on your competitor’s websites or independent websites.


Remember that clients who post about your products are the ones who also turn out to be loyal customers. That’s if you treat their concerns well.


  • As your online traffic increases remember that you should always be ready to respond. You can do this by hiring an employee that acts as a moderator on your online sites. That decreases the chances of hostile content being written without your knowledge.



With the above guide on creating your online forum, you should find it easier to create one and enjoy its many benefits.

How to Create and Build Links to Resource Pages

Resource page link building had been a regular link building strategy/technique today. It is worth has become so appreciated in SEOs given that the link as of an existing high ranking page passes to the targeted page (wherever you find links to). The recognized exposure of being incorporated in a resource page is one of some benefits a content publisher could obtain from creating his individual resource page.


It is very essential to understand how this kind of branded link building workings by initial knowing how to create a good quality resource page.


Here are some things you have to believe when creating a resource page:

  • The page should request to a exact group of people (e.g. beginners/advanced practitioners). Adding an explanation at the top of the page will assist your readers identify what that page is for.
  • Discover keywords that your goal audience is most usually searching for. Use Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends to decide the search level and seasonality of your favorite keywords. Decide one keyword that is informational and match the unique proposal of your brand.
  • Set your keyword in the most essential spots of your resource page (e.g. title tag, h1, 1’st sentence of the description of the page).
  • But your resource page is extended. You should insert quick links at the top of the page to serves as it is table of contents. This will increase your user knowledge.
  • You can too add a button on the page to simply scrolls up the page. This will assist your readers obtain to the top of the page without physically scrolling up.
  • Place a download button on your own resource page that links to it is download page. Guests/visitors can easily download the file or use it as a position/resource for their own content pieces but the resource page has an additional for downloading.
  • Include social button at the top of the page to encourage visitors to share it to their peers on social platform.
  • Encourage visitors to e-mail or print your resource page by adding button on it. They would be additional likely to send it to their friends to email, if they found the page helpful.
  • Place a  ‘contact us’ section in the sidebar or menu bar of the page to increase the number of leads you are receiving for your brand. What time your readers had inspired the information on your page; the opportunity for contacting you for a discussion or meeting request is top given that there is already visible contact information on the page.


How to build links to resource pages:

  • Get brand contact and a link opportunity from one more resource page. But remember that you can arrive at out to your contestant as long as you craft a personalized e-mail for her/him. 1’st, build a relationship by the website designer of your target resource page, so it will be simple for you to get the mention or link. Make use of the common queries (inurl : /link + ‘ your own keyword ’ or inurl : / resources + ‘ your keyword ’) to find related resource pages.
  • Re purpose your own resource page into other content format likes blog post. The technique you want to do that is to dissect your business profile to different section. This sections are the topic included in your business guide which you can use for your blog posts.

The blog posts can be turned into guest/visitors post which you can use as link building weapon store for your resource page. Differ your anchor text in your guest/visitors posts to help your resource page rank for different business related keywords.

  • But your resource page require payment to exist consumed, you can try reaching away to webmasters and request them if they want to see and make use of your resource page for free. This could be a good quality angle for your pitch given there are some content publishers who are looking for free resources intended for their content.

Create a personal e-mail, asking your view if he can see your own resource page. You do not need to be pushy now to get a link from to the blogger. If your resource page is actually helpful, your prospect would not be hesitant to link your page in his blog.

  • Share your own content to niche specific community (e.g. forum post). Add worth to the threads by giving your insights concerning the matter. To support your contented, you must place an enticing description to it. The more valuable it is the additional it is receptive for clicks.

Linking opportunity inside this case depends on how you move toward your targeted audience with your own content. The fewer pushy you are the additional your content can get links.

  • Find student blogs that strength be involved to check out your own resource page. Do a Google search to find them (‘ student blogs’  + ‘ your own location ’). The cause you want to place location in your own search query is that the additional you are well-known with the location  the easier for you to place local related opinion in your e-mail pitch.

As well, you would like to make sure to include in your own pitch the benefit of your resource page to the students of the blog quite than hire the webmaster view it as his own profit when he uses your page.



The trend in by resource pages to build links and create brand alertness will increase by the passage of time. The more people are discovering information on the web; the additional you should give importance to resource page link building in your web marketing campaign.

There are a lot more additional technique to build links to your resource page. If you have a good technique in mind, go away it in the comments below.

how to earn litecoins easily

How to Earn Litecoins – Get Litecoin Online easily

How do you earn Litecoins online to play around by them? Litecoins are a opposing crypto-currency to Bitcoin and is advertise as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. There are a lot of opposing crypto-currencies in the marketplace but Litecoin is the most excellent recognized out of them all. It has also been about the best ever. Because of writing this, the value of LTC (Litecoin)/USD = $2.7 as per Vircurex exchange. That’s of sensible price for a crypto-currency especially if it gets more extensively adopted through the businesses.

It is actually a very simple way, if you have a little trouble, then you are bound to succeed. Now lets look at how to earn Litecoins. The additional excellent thing about Litecoins is that it has an extremely devoted core developer group who also be active in making the Bitcoin and that creates a lot of difference for the success of a crypto-currency. Litecoin as well has a little but passionate user base. It aims to resolve a few of the problems of earn Bitcoins online such as providing a sooner confirmation system for transactions. Also, by using the Script procedure instead of the SHA256, Litecoin be able to keep it attractive for the regular everyday miners (which are disappearing for Bitcoin known the advance of ASICs).

how to earn litecoins easily

So how do you get Litecoin to try this out? I will inform this list as it grows, but here are faucets that I found. Let me recognize if I am missing any. Most of the faucets advertise on other blogs are out of date and don’t actually give you Litecoins.

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How to Earn Litecoins:

Buy/Sell/Trade Litecoins: There is some way to trade Litecoin for Bitcoin or extra crypto-currencies. Cryptsy is the main exchange, Bter has the lowest cost, and Vircurex be able to have better deals.

Pro Tips (Get rewarded To in Litecoin): If you want to get some quick Litecoins for small tasks online then check out this website. It allows you to cash your points in LTC (Litcoin). It’s very simple to arrive at the payout. My favorite tasks are Virool Videos and Supersonic, other than there are many tasks that you can ensure out like listen to Loyalty Radio & getting 1m LTC (Litcoin) every 10 minutes. Pays far advanced than any of the faucets scheduled below, and here are many things you can do and improve your earning.

Qoin Pro (confirmed): This pays you regarding 1-1.5 uLTC (Litecoin) for each day without you have to do something – no catch! Even though not an extremely high pays, it’s totally free and you don’t need to go into catches. It’s a confirmed paying site and not a scam. In adding to daily free of charge Litecoin, you also earn free Bitcoin and Feathercoin each day. The payouts are different every day, remember-you’re paid automatically without having to do something. I’ve had a large knowledge so far.

Litecoin Faucet 1 (confirmed): You need to bring together 10-15 u LTC (Litecoin) to earn the payout, which must take about 8-10 days to bring together. If you do this each day, you can earn three sooner as there is a extra 5% if you visit the valve each day, so the fifth day, in its place of the advertised quantity, you’ll actually accept 1.25 times the award, up to a highest of 2.0 times the shown gift.

Litecoin Faucet 2 (confirmed): Equal of 100 u BTC (Bitcoin) paid out in LTC (Litecoin). Can also be redeeming in BTC (Bitcoin).

Litecoin Faucet 2 (site now unavailable): This look like a very talented LTC (Litecoin) valve. You earn 1.075 m LTC (Litecoin) per 30 minutes and the extra prize multiplier can go up to 1.75 xs. The lowest payout is 0.04 LTC (Litecoin) or 40m LTC (Litecoin. Should not get too extended for the payout.

Litecoin Faucet 3 (site now unavailable): This is a fortune based LTC (Litecoin) valve. You can go into your Litecoin address one time a day and one victor will be selected. Sincerely, I’ve never win here so not sure how rightful the draw is.

Litecoin Faucet 4 (faucet now dry but the site promise it will be back): This is at present dry but was one of the most excellent LTC (Litecoin) faucets when it was lively. The website has promise to get this back what time they are able to put together this faucet with the relax of the site, so check back another time. I’ll inform the position of this as soon as it opens up another time.

Free 0.1 Litecoin (offer now closed): This is a just one time offer. You want to join this website, letter the unique address and position it on this forum. You’ll earn 0.1 LTC (Litecoin) for doing this. You can also risk with this free LTC (Litecoin) or very soon withdraw it.

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Litecoin donation/gift address: LLpHuu4u1wYmaJyUwoWH7nySwKBKx65Sbs

how to install bijoy for windows 8

How to Install Bijoy Bangla Software for Windows 8

Really It’s an easy methods. Actually Bijoy Bangla Software is likely one of the most popular Bangla typing/writing software in Bangladesh. Not also long previous to Microsoft Corporation was once released their newest working operating system windows 8 and windows 8.1. But Bijoy Bangla software now not releases Bijoy for windows 8 and windows 8.1. As a results windows 8 and windows 8.1 consumers can not setup Bijoy Bangla Software for windows 8 and windows 8.1. But there are some and easy methods to put in how to install Bijoy Bangla software for windows 8 and windows 8.1.

how to install bijoy for windows 8


1. You need to any update version of Bijoy software package or Bijoy Bangla software CD or DVD and internet connection.

2. Then Go to Control Panel from your installed windows 8 or windows 8.1, and then go to Programs.

3. After clicking Programs, open a New Window. Check the “Turn Windows features on or off”. Now click on it then open a New Window.

4. Then Click on .Net Framework 3.5 (contains .web 2.0 and .web 3.0)

5. Wait few minute for download update from the internet. For those who should not have an internet connection, then that you would able to obtain .net Framework 3.5 downloads from the Microsoft Corporation.

6. After downloading .Net Framework 3.5, install Bijoy Bangla Software for windows 8 or windows 8.1.

Job Done —– then Enjoy.