How to use Facebook without Internet

It’s very easy strategy – If you want to make use of Facebook, but your device/tool does not support internet then don’t worry. So as I said how to use facebook without internet, other than facebook is a online website and cannot be right of entry without internet, these type of question always happen in many minds. I have answer for this question, FB uses mobile SMS gateways to serve up facebook through smashing. FB has cooperate with Fonetwish friendship to provide liberate Facebook access to all worldwide users. So provide that you do not have Internet relationship that similarly you can make use of Facebook without breaking a sweat utilize your modest strange notify aid. So are you complete to learn this one.

There are easy steps to use FB (facebook) without internet:

I. 1st of all start your mobile device and Type * 325 # on the dialing screen.

II. After this your will find a message on the screen that ‘Welcome to Fonetwish…………’You can dismiss it.

III. After this it will ask for Email ID of FB (facebook), reply it .

IV. Now it ask for password, just also reply it .

That’s all done . This Service/strategy is presently available for all mobile provider Users in world and You will be Charged only $..10 per day ( a Subscription Fee ) for Unlimited Usage.