How to Unlock Android Phone Password and Pattern

Android is one of the most/the majority popular and useful mobile operating system. Because it’s simple and easy to use operating system. And it’s provide confidentiality to user by defending their data by means of password or using patterns. A lot of android phone users get this benefit to defend their data using password or patterns. Of course everyone remembers their password or pattern that they used to protect/defend data, But what happen what time they forget password or pattern ?

If you are single of them who forget your password ? Then, you are at correct place, here in this article I’ll tell you how to unlock android phone password or pattern. Follow simple/easy steps or strategy to unlock your android phone password or pattern.

1) 1st of all power off your device/system.

2) After this now press up volume key and hold it

3) Now press/push the power button and hold it

4) It will start a covert/secret terminal

5) After that use home button for go up & down

6) After that choose option “delete all user data

7) It will get some time & your android phone is unlocked

All done or Job done – you are successfully unlock your android phone password & pattern.

Note : By using deception you will be loose your phones user data & all system files are reset to default, use this deception at your own risk.