How to Create a Killer Upwork Profile-1

How to Create a Killer Upwork Profile – get work on Upwork easily by arranging your profile

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Upwork is the biggest freelancing site of the world. We all know about this. At first its name was Odesk, in 2013 they changed the name of this site from to by working with Elance. If you are a freelancer and want to work on Upwork then your success will depend on how many buyers are there and how many work you will get. A best profile should be made for getting works daily. I am trying to give 15 tips below about creating a best profile.

Give the main services in your profile:

There is an idea among us that, if I will add some extra services in my profile to attract the buyers then I will get more works. But this is not true. So mention the work in your profile which you know. It will be better for everyone.

Do your account link:

Link your account with your social media site by choosing your main service whenever you will decorate your profile then.  Such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ etc. Buyer can get the information about you through these social sites.

How to Create a Killer Upwork Profile-1

Upload your photo:

Your photo is your identity. Your photo will make your profile trustworthy. If you don’t change your photo repeatedly then the buyer will take you as a serious worker and the possibility to get work will increase day by day. Keep in mind that your photo has the professional look and friendly look. Your photo background has to be clear so that the buyer can see you clear not the background.

Choose your title wisely:

Title is very important for your profile as it sounds simple. Title should be simple, specific, small and realistic. Many workers give their title like this, “Photo editing, Image retouching, Background remove” and many more but this is not type of title. You can give these to the skill section. You can give title such as, “Professional photo editor or Expert photo editor.” Keep in mind that, there are many workers who can do any work by doing competition so give your title wisely and perfectly. It doesn’t need to give many things, give that title in which you are perfect.

Give an overview about own self:

Give a clean sense about yourself in the overview so that buyer can get the proper information about you. Don’t do “copy and paste” cause your skill will not match with someone else. Try to give important matters at first, if the buyer doesn’t like your overview by reading first lines then you will lose the work, so keep important lines at first so that the buyer can get the interest to read the full overview. Write about your skills, your experiences, your known language etc at the first of the overview. Write these topics as clear as you can so that buyer can get to knew about your skills. Write some specific things and don’t write anything uncertain here. Here you can express your self-confidence but don’t be overconfident.

Upload some of your introductory video:

Freelancers always forget to make video profile. It is said that, you have to survive here by doing competition with other freelancers so you shouldn’t drop any opportunity. If you don’t make any video then you will go behind from others. Video introductory makes a good impression to the buyer. Buyer will get to know many things by seeing the expression of your talking style. So keep in mind that, you should make a video about one minute long because long video can make the buyer bored. Make sure that you are making a good quality video and your talking style is good. The result can be different if you can’t make the proper video. So take your time. You can write the things which you will say in the video from the one who knows English very well. If you know English then it will be very easy for you, you can say it in your own style. It will work if you make good quality video.

Give skill test:

You are giving test from the time of school life; you have to give test here. If you can do well in this test you will be known as a good worker. Give that tests which are similar to your skill. It will be great if you can do well in the test. It doesn’t need to give test in which you are not skilled. And don’t worry if you can give the test properly, you will get this chance after one month.

Add the skills of your work:

Add those works in your skill section which you can do properly and perfectly. It is also important for your profile. You can give maximum 10 skills and minimum 5 skills here. I will repeat that; give those skills which you can do. Don’t give much. And you have to give these by keeping similarity with your job title.

Fix your language skills:

You all know that is very important. As you need to communicate with the buyer of Upwork so skill in language is very important for communication. And the buyers of Upwork will communicate in English just like other do. It will not work here if you are skilled in other language instead of English language. You can choose “Native or bilingual” but you have to honest for yourself only. Buyer may not be able to depend on you if you cannot communicate in English properly. So give the right information always. It is not that; if you can give the best of yours, you will get most work. Give the one in which you are perfect, but don’t give the wrong information here.

Set your experience level properly:

You have to explain them about your experience through this. So give the right information here also else you have face problems. There are 3 experience levels in Upwork. “Entry level” is for the starter. “Intermediate” is for them who gained experience by doing job for a long time. It is not only for Upwork. Third one is “Expert”, it is for them who believe that they can do the work so perfectly and properly. You can do any project successfully whether it is hard. So choose the level as you are in and don’t need to be overconfident.

Show your certificates:

You can show the certificates which you can collect from the third person but it should be real and should be based on your skills. It is as like as skill test, by it buyer can easily get to know about the skill of yours.

Give your proper job details:

If you do other job then list it here briefly. You have to do the same service here. Buyer can understand that you are suitable for this work as you have the experience about this profession and you can do this project properly. They will hire hire you any project without any question.

Give your educational qualifications:

You can make your profile more strong if you add your educational qualification into your profile. Keep in mind to give short writings. Give your institutions name, your degree’s name etc there. Fill this section with proper information.

Arrange your portfolio:

Though it came late but it is very important for Upwork profile. Your portfolio means you are showing your experiences, what you did till now, how you did that and how much perfect it is etc. You can show them your projects, how you work for it etc. through it. Buyer will get the idea about your ability after seeing these on your portfolio. The basic rule to give your job on portfolio is that, your best works will come first.  It doesn’t need to give the things which you can’t do properly or on which you are not depended. And you have to update your portfolio regularly, buyer will think that you are not active anymore and not doing any new work. So, new work should be uploaded regularly. One more thing is that, your portfolio is as like as your story. Your portfolio will say how you are being expert. Now you can do any hard work successfully. The project might be in your topic. It could be local project, international project and the work of other marketplaces. And if you start to work on Upwork at first then submit some projects by own self.

Fix how many dollars you want as payment for per hour:

It is the last step of your profile and it is about money. It is a matter of great worry and confusion. It is really difficult to understand what you expect for your work. It depends on the size of your work. You have to fix the amount by thinking about all the matters. You will be able to get work if you can fix the amount properly and reasonable. And it will be better if you ask from other freelancer abut their payment, after that you can fix yours.

These all are the 15 tips which will help you to work on Upwork. I hope these tips will help you most.