How to copy and paste text on Android Phone

Frequently it is much faster to copy and paste text than to retype it totally in android device. Happily for Android users, it is simple to copy and paste text on Android device as that is one of the phones defaulting features.

Trying to copy / paste text on your Android phone can be a harass. Mainly times the text is not yet able to be select, leaving you with no option. Who has not gotten a URL using chat client that does not allow relations or copying text? You most likely would not do a lot of text control on your Android device. Well, no main editing, such as for a name paper or payment note. From point in time to time, however, you may discover yourself wanting to fixing a word.

After select a chunk of text or all text on the display, you can then cut/copy the text and paste it somewhere else. Copying /cutting and then pasting text works now like it does on your computer or laptop.

How to copy and paste text on Android Phone

Follow the step to copy & paste text on your Android Phone :

  • Select or Choose the text you want to cut/copy.
  • Long-press the select text area
  • Touch the highlighted text on the touch screen, and keep your finger press down. You see the “Edit Text menu” with three items: Cut, Copy & Paste.
  • Choose/Select Cut/Copy from the menu to cut/copy the text.
  • When you select Cut, the text is removed, the cut & paste operation moves text
  • If essential, start the app into which you wish for to paste text.
  • Touch the text box/ text area wherever you want to paste the copied/cut text.
  • Place the cursor at the exact spot wherever the text will be pasted.
  • Long-press the text box/area.
  • Select/Choose the Paste command/touch the Paste icon.
  • The text you cut/copied appears in the spot wherever the cursor was blinking.

The text you paste be able to be pasted again & again. Until you cut/copy additional text, you can use the Paste command to your heart’s happy.