List of dofollow high PR Directory Submission Sites

But article marketing is submitting articles to directories is one in all the oldest and simplest way of SEO so often now a days, dofollow directories are so important/useful for your internet campaign. Article submission is a would be terrible as a template in normal directories easy, so ask what is the advantage of article submission? The answer is quite simple, we tend product two things that one must file for Google PR and other Alexa Rank as you prove this second factor, you must require a powerful form of backlinks, especially Alexa Rank increase as your Alexa grade can be automatically due to your Google PR with a high turnout, you can offer to help Alexa rank PR and Alexa rank you can back links offer the most and strong.


Another factor that can help you through dofollow directories submission traffic that is increasing your subject to do these things, as I this time did your potential niche list of dofollow high PR article submission websites can be found listed under below:


List of dofollow high PR Directory Submission Sites


Ten mistakes that you should avoid while submitting article


Generally people do mistakes I forget, if you want to retain in article marketing, you have to follow these rules and to avoid mistakes.

  • Do not overwrite
  • Submitting to the right places
  • Build it easy
  • Avoid grammatical errors
  • Follow the rules for each site
  • Recognize the explanations for writing articles
  • Do not select / evaluate your own articles
  • Proof your article and check your links
  • Your product should not contain affiliate links or self promotion
  • Use content that already exists not duplicate


Do you need help ?


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