How To Promote Your Site Through Online Forums

Do you want to promote your site through online forums? Online forums enable you to interact with your current and potential clients. They also provide a platform for them to post their feedback’s and have a discussion about your products. Online forum marketing uses technology tools that include instant messaging, chats and social media platforms, for example, Facebook and Twitter.


These interactions help you to improve your online forum marketing strategy as well as polishing your online forum posting techniques. That’s because your online forum community sometimes helps you troubleshoot flaws. Below are five steps to take that will help promote your sites through online forums.


They Are:

  • Setting Targets

You should set goals that you want to achieve with the help of your online forum marketing. That’s because several reasons make you set out to promote your site through this forums. For example, do you want increased sales or do you want your forum community to offer suggestions that you can use to improve your products.


  • Motivation

Knowing what motivates potential clients is one of the advantages of this online forum marketing strategy. Through online interactions, you will be able to understand what made your products click to them and also how to find ways that will motivate them to use your product.


  • Posting Techniques

Finding the right online forum posting techniques is another crucial step. You should make sure that you use the right software that links each customer post with a response. The best message boards to use are threaded or nested boards as compared to flat boards. That’s because flat boards make the discussions difficult to follow as they tag new comments to the bottom of recent responses.

There is a variety of Web-hosted solutions and software that are free and others that offer premium upgrades. These upgrades help you to coordinate your online forum with your IT system for better customer responses.


  • Forum Content

Your online forum posting techniques will assist you once you have installed your message board system. That’s because you need to initiate the discussion. One of the ways to carry out this task is posting frequently asked questions and their answers. That makes your site’s online forum appear active.


If you had already linked up your system, you could also ask questions that came in through your Smartphone or email system. You should avoid overloading your online forum as you may appear as trying to be dominant.


With time, your online forum community will drive your site’s conversation to a level that you won’t have anticipated. You can also make changes to your site that encourages communication. For example, you should always try to make it possible for your online community to respond and comment on products.


  • Control

You should be ready to allow your online community members to carry out their own policing. You can participate in the discussions as a moderator or let an online forum member to act like one. That will enable you to watch out for posts that may be against your company’s policy or those that appear offensive.

This strategy will give members a sense of ownership of the forum and also encourages them to report any posts that might appear offensive to your site.

You can also increase your online member’s loyalty by finding out a system that rewards them. For example, how long they have been members and their number of posts. That increase their participation and online forum posts.


What to Look Out For:

  • You should not be afraid of negative posts about your products on your online site. That’s because your forum is a better place to post this as compared to doing it elsewhere. You may find it justified or if it is false, then your loyal customers will come to your defense through their online forum posts.
  • You should also be approachable through your online site forum. You can do this by posting your responses to your customer posts or letting a staff member to be in charge of replies.

Remember that even if you fail to respond to this conversations or client queries, they will still discuss them in other online forums. You should always be open to scrutiny.



With the above guide on promoting your site using online forums, you should be able to build a company with an online forum that provides a platform for accountability and response to customer needs.