How to Create and Build Links to Resource Pages

Resource page link building had been a regular link building strategy/technique today. It is worth has become so appreciated in SEOs given that the link as of an existing high ranking page passes to the targeted page (wherever you find links to). The recognized exposure of being incorporated in a resource page is one of some benefits a content publisher could obtain from creating his individual resource page.


It is very essential to understand how this kind of branded link building workings by initial knowing how to create a good quality resource page.


Here are some things you have to believe when creating a resource page:

  • The page should request to a exact group of people (e.g. beginners/advanced practitioners). Adding an explanation at the top of the page will assist your readers identify what that page is for.
  • Discover keywords that your goal audience is most usually searching for. Use Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends to decide the search level and seasonality of your favorite keywords. Decide one keyword that is informational and match the unique proposal of your brand.
  • Set your keyword in the most essential spots of your resource page (e.g. title tag, h1, 1’st sentence of the description of the page).
  • But your resource page is extended. You should insert quick links at the top of the page to serves as it is table of contents. This will increase your user knowledge.
  • You can too add a button on the page to simply scrolls up the page. This will assist your readers obtain to the top of the page without physically scrolling up.
  • Place a download button on your own resource page that links to it is download page. Guests/visitors can easily download the file or use it as a position/resource for their own content pieces but the resource page has an additional for downloading.
  • Include social button at the top of the page to encourage visitors to share it to their peers on social platform.
  • Encourage visitors to e-mail or print your resource page by adding button on it. They would be additional likely to send it to their friends to email, if they found the page helpful.
  • Place a  ‘contact us’ section in the sidebar or menu bar of the page to increase the number of leads you are receiving for your brand. What time your readers had inspired the information on your page; the opportunity for contacting you for a discussion or meeting request is top given that there is already visible contact information on the page.


How to build links to resource pages:

  • Get brand contact and a link opportunity from one more resource page. But remember that you can arrive at out to your contestant as long as you craft a personalized e-mail for her/him. 1’st, build a relationship by the website designer of your target resource page, so it will be simple for you to get the mention or link. Make use of the common queries (inurl : /link + ‘ your own keyword ’ or inurl : / resources + ‘ your keyword ’) to find related resource pages.
  • Re purpose your own resource page into other content format likes blog post. The technique you want to do that is to dissect your business profile to different section. This sections are the topic included in your business guide which you can use for your blog posts.

The blog posts can be turned into guest/visitors post which you can use as link building weapon store for your resource page. Differ your anchor text in your guest/visitors posts to help your resource page rank for different business related keywords.

  • But your resource page require payment to exist consumed, you can try reaching away to webmasters and request them if they want to see and make use of your resource page for free. This could be a good quality angle for your pitch given there are some content publishers who are looking for free resources intended for their content.

Create a personal e-mail, asking your view if he can see your own resource page. You do not need to be pushy now to get a link from to the blogger. If your resource page is actually helpful, your prospect would not be hesitant to link your page in his blog.

  • Share your own content to niche specific community (e.g. forum post). Add worth to the threads by giving your insights concerning the matter. To support your contented, you must place an enticing description to it. The more valuable it is the additional it is receptive for clicks.

Linking opportunity inside this case depends on how you move toward your targeted audience with your own content. The fewer pushy you are the additional your content can get links.

  • Find student blogs that strength be involved to check out your own resource page. Do a Google search to find them (‘ student blogs’  + ‘ your own location ’). The cause you want to place location in your own search query is that the additional you are well-known with the location  the easier for you to place local related opinion in your e-mail pitch.

As well, you would like to make sure to include in your own pitch the benefit of your resource page to the students of the blog quite than hire the webmaster view it as his own profit when he uses your page.



The trend in by resource pages to build links and create brand alertness will increase by the passage of time. The more people are discovering information on the web; the additional you should give importance to resource page link building in your web marketing campaign.

There are a lot more additional technique to build links to your resource page. If you have a good technique in mind, go away it in the comments below.