How To Generate Lots Of Traffic Through Blog Commenting

Do you want to polish your blog commenting strategy? Boosting your blog commenting strategy helps to generate lots of traffic on your blog posts. Blog traffic is the amount of online discussions that are commonly known as blogs. They are displayed on the Worldwide Web in reverse format. For example, the most recent of posts appears first. Five tips to improve your blog commenting are:


How to Generate Lots of Traffic through Blog Commenting


1) Hire Contributors

  • Hiring contributors is a great way of increasing web traffic through blog commenting. That’s because these bloggers already have many followers. They have also mastered their blog commenting skills. These skills may earn your blog the links and shares that you want.
  • One thing about this influential bloggers is that you will have to pay them as well as offer them extra perks. For example, you may agree to provide a link back to their websites or offer a discounted use of your products and services.
  • The main advantage with this talented bloggers is that they also write for big media companies. According to your agreements with them, they might link your blog articles to other third party sites in future.


2) Be Simple

  • You should use synonyms that are common with your keyword. That’s by identifying the ones with the most search engine optimization volumes. This blog commenting technique helps people who are searching for a particular content but are not using exact keywords.


3) Check Your Tweet Text

  • Make sure you optimize your default tweet. When planning of how to generate lots of traffic for blog commenting, you should remember that optimizing your Twitter handle encourages visitors to click on your default Twitter link. That enables them to follow you on twitter. 73% of companies are not taking advantage of this according to a recent survey.
  • You should also remember to include the blog title tag instead of the whole article. That makes it more appealing and ensures that the message is received. Another trick is to avoid generic messaging. These do not appeal to readers as most traffic is generated when you post a message with a personalized appeal.
  • The key points to remember about your default Twitter text is to include your post title, the link and twitter handle. These steps will guarantee you blog traffic.


4) Informative Blogging

  • You should try writing longer informative blog commenting as compared to shorter frequent posts that contain minimal information. That’s because these informative blog commenting will increase your blog traffic and earn you more links. For example, quality content that involves research, opinion articles, research and new experiments generate high traffic to your blog posts.
  • You can achieve this by breaking down your posts in subtopics. For example, you can reach new audiences by uploading these subtopics onto a screen cast or podcast. That includes recording and reading out posts and loading them onto iTunes or doing voice overs and uploading them to YouTube respectively.
  • You can also turn your blogs into an eBook and have them available as a PDF tweet. Make sure that your repackaged blogs make for more interesting reading and viewing than the previous ones. That will increase your blog traffic.


5) Content sharing

  • You can increase your blog traffic by sharing your blog comments more than just once. That’s because many bloggers post and share their contents across social media networks only once. Remember that people can miss your original communication.
  • You can solve this problem by sharing your content severally depending on the platform you are using. For example, during your initial comment, you can tweet, Google+ and share on Facebook.


What to Look Out For

  • Regular sharing and Tweeting your blog posts might generate you a lot of traffic if only you deploy these different tactics and post messages that are informative and fresh in detail. Otherwise, they may come across as being spam.
  • The point to remember is that people may not notice any little thing you do online, but regular sharing of your informative blog posts will attract more links and traffic to your blog.


What to Avoid

  1. You should avoid sharing and posting of blogs posts to communities or people who are not interested in your products or blog commentaries.
  2. Remember that as your blog traffic increases you must forever respond to your follower’s request and responses even if they are negative. Remember responding to their queries is also another form of blog traffic.



With the above guide, you should be able to generate a massive blog traffic that will be beneficial to your business needs. For example, advertising from upstarts and major companies.