best tips for mobile phone

5 Very Useful and Best Tips for Mobile Phones – Which Everyone Needs to Know

Today I picked up 5 very useful and best tips for mobile phone that you all should know. So, let’s see all the 5 most important things:


  • EMERGENCY: If you are outside the network coverage and could not find any net, in that case this emergency number – “112”  is accessible for every mobile, according to the obtained data it works such, it will find your nearest established network and will connect you with the operator of the emergency number when you will press it. Now we all are in the net coverage, aren’t we? Once you dial this number now, you will not see the number, you will see EMERGENCY.


  • UNLOCK THE CAR: If your car has a remote controlled locking system and suppose one day if you lock the car keeping the key inside by mistake and if there is no way to unlock it then you can unlock it by using mobile phone. For this there must be another remote control key but it will work if you do not have the key in your hands. Suppose the second key is at home, then call someone at home and keep the mobile 1 feet away from the car then tell him/her who is at home to press the unlock key by keeping the remote close to the mobile phone. Hope that it will work, try once.

best tips for mobile phone

  • WHAT TO DO FOR BETTER UNDERSTAND OVER PHONE: More effectively it’s worked for all Nokia phones. Sometimes the voice clarity of our phone get lows suddenly, by pressing the code you can increase the voice clarity : *3370# Usually mobile phones reserve some charges and this code reinforces the phone’s performance, However, this code should not be allowed to turn on, it weakens the battery. Therefore, turn off this system by dialing *3370#.


  • IF PHONE STOLEN: These tips will not be able to recover your phone but that has stolen your phone can not use it anymore and can not sell it also. So teach the thief a lesson by this: Immediately dial *#06# then it will show a serial code, write down it anywhere. Then go to your service provider or customer care center of your phone company, tell them the serial number and tell them the whole story. They will make the phone useless. After that, whenever the thief will open a new SIM to that mobile the phone will die forever.


  • MOBILE PHONE SHOULD BE VERIFIED WHEN PURCHASING: *#92702689# you will see a serial number when you will dial it, whether the phone is latest or not, it will show the date of purchasing if anyone used it before, will show details of the phone repair, it will show 0000 if it was not repaired, it will show if any data has been transferred. If you want to come out from this information you have restart your phone. We do not know whether it works at the current smart phones or not but it works in Nokia’s previous handset.


NOTE: From these tips, I personally tested all the rest tips without a tip and it’s the number (2). You can work on it in case of trouble.

If any problems, please contact me. Thank you.