Bangla Typing Software for Mobile

Originally I feel your own Fb (facebook) account, so you can simply try to do using your Fb account with your friends from your PC or laptop. Similar to at what time a friend chat with you by Avro keyboard or others you must answer your friend by Bengali. Give your time fb friends; I feel you need to highest two day for get better typing ability.

I speak here every country’s peoples use personal language; it’s completely his mother language. Everyone soothe filled to chatting and typing his mother language. If your own language is Bangla, so don’t worry about writing your mother language, since technology not stay here similar to time. Do you wish for to be a fast Bengali type in your mobile or android? Believe! how to get better your typing ability, some time ago, I need to go for instruction manual type writers for type, it’s sound are not good, but now time technology efficient and go down manual type from any office and also house.

bangla typing software for mobile

Bangla-font software support for mobile / Android phone keyboard is an on-screen keyboard with Bangla / Bengali language support for the platform Mobile / Android. Bangla typing on mobile is now very easy. You can write in Bangla mobile / Android keyboard. Or Android mobile phone market is very available. Your bangla typing feel are formed when you add these aligned Mayabi Android keyboard or mobile phone.

Bangla Software for Mobile and Android

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Bangla Writing Software for Android Phone

Before I discussed about Bangla Typing Software for Mobile, now I will shared about bangla writing software for android phone. See given below step by step which you need to do for your typing software for android. So, bangla writing software for android phone is a very useful software.

  • You need a keyboard for write Bangla. Go to Android Market and look for Mayabi Keyboard, Ridmik, Avro, opera mini for java mobile etc.
  • Install Mayabi Keyboard on your device. It’s free!
  • Go to home screen, press Menu button then choose Settings à Local and text. You’ll see list of keyboards. Choose Mayabi keyboard.
  • Tab choose input technique. That’s shows Select Input Method screen. From there, choose Mayabi Keyboard.
  • Exit from settings by tapping Back/Home button.
  • Then open an app, for instance, memo or Catch. Start new memo.
  • To write in Bangla, tap the key tagged Bangla. Then start writing using phonetic conventions. If you would like to write আমার সোনার বাংলা, sort ‘amar sonar bangla’ which are converted into Bangla text.

The Bangla font rendering on Samsung Galaxy Tab remains not good. You’ll see several characters not shown properly. However, if you send this text to different OS, say post on web log and Linux users see this, they notice the fonts OK.

If you are doing not like phonetic typing, you’ll use mounted layout. Multiling Keyboard includes a mounted layout for Bangla – however I’m unsure whether or not you’ll find it irresistible or not. I couldn’t use that ‘new’ layout. So far, Mayabi Keyboard is that the best solution for Bangla writing until these days. Many thanks of developers of Mayabi Keyboard.

Download from Here

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