New Collection of Bangla SMS Bangla Love SMS Valobashar SMS Koster SMS

New Collection of Bangla SMS Bangla Love SMS Valobashar SMS Koster SMS Part-II

Dear Friends, This post is the Bengali / Bangla sms Bangla love sms valobashar sms  koster sms romantic love sms bangla premer sms  – Part II. At this stage however, is relatively low Bengali / New Bangla SMS collection, there is nothing to be disappointed at the post in the first phase of the new bangla sms collection ……… go to a little trouble with this post. Then it is too late, let’s start the turn of SMS: –

New Collection of Bangla SMS Bangla Love SMS Valobashar SMS Koster SMS

  • kew jadi avimane tumar shate kotha na bole, buje nebe she tumai arale mis kore ….. ar kew jadi na deke kande, buje nebe she tumai vishom valobashe.

Bangla love sms

  • je valobasha buje na, take valobasha shekate jabe na! karon she valobasha shikbe apner kase, but valobasbe onno jonke! ar kosto papen apne.

Bangla sms

  • kawke dur take valobashai shob take pobitro valobasha. karon, ay valobashai kono rokom au-pobitrota kake na, kono sharik cahida take na. sudu nirob kesu oviman take, ja kakhono kew bangay na. kesu asru bindu take, ja kew kakhno muste ase na. r shobar aujante – arale eka jekane ekjonai rani/raja.

valobashar sms

  • kew dur take valobashai shob take pobitro valobasha.

koster sms

  • “valobasha” shobdota hoy na khokono purano …. hoy na khokono molin ….. hoy na dushar kimba borna hin ….. ja sudu rongdhonor ronge ronggin …. hok na sheta apar kimba oparer …. tarporeo valobasha to suduy valobasha!

premer sms

  • sudu kase paowar jono valobasha noy. sudu valo lagar jonno valobasha noy. nejer shuk bisorjon deya valobashar manuske shuki rakar namy valobasha.

love sms

  • jokhon kew karo jonno kande sheta holo abeg. jokhon kew kawke kandai sheta holo protarona. r jokhon kew kawke kandye nejeo kande pele! sheta holo prokreto valobasha!

romantic sms

  • mon ney valo, jane na ke holo. pashe ney tumi, kee koree ami. pakhi jhodi hotam ami ay jibone, tomai neye ure jetam osin vhubone. tumi kee jabee amar shate?

bangla romantic sms

  • 7 february = roos day, 8 february = propose day, 9 february = choklate day, 10 february = tade day, 11 february = promise day, 12 february = hug day, 13 february = kiss day, 14 february = happy valantaines day.

sms bangla

  • aj na khub eka eka lagse. choker shamne tumi tobo jeno tomake chowa jai na. keno amon hoy boloto? valobasha buji sudu kosto detay jane! tomake chara je amar nishshass neteo kosto hoy!

bengali sms

  • vabe chilam tumi koto apon, vabese pase takbe shara jibon. keno tumi bangle ay mon? vhabini khokono korbe emon, tarpor-o tumi amari jibon.

eid sms

  • kew kew love kore, abar kew kore enjoy. kew khai cheka, kew hoy eka. kew bole jan, kew kore bish-pan. karo muke hashi, abar karo golai pashi, love is not fun, so sabdhan, r ekonkar mayera hoy beyman.

new bangla sms

  • tumi raji takle prem korbo, kaji ene beye korbo, rag korle kiss korbo, dure gele mis korbo, pase takle ador korbo, r vhule gele kub kosto pabo …..!

new bangla love sms


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Bangla Language Love SMS

Bangla Language Love SMS – Best Valobashar Bangla SMS

Now running technology period. Impossible to imagine a world without technology. With mobile and Android. Using computers and other divice Bangla language is raising day by day. With the increasing use of various kinds of entertainment. One of the recreational uses of the Bangla language Love SMS. Today I’ll talk about that and as far as I know, with the prospect to share with you this content. Here you will get a variety type of SMS together in Bangla language like Bangla love SMS, sad Bangla SMS, funny Bangla SMS, romantic Bangla sms, Bangla wishes, Bangla jokes, Valobashar Bangla SMS, Valobasa SMS. These Bengali SMS are especially together for you so enjoy it. We wish you will love our collection and provide your advice by voting each bengali SMS. If you have some bengali post which are not here then please mail it to us and we will show it. Don’t forget to time these Bangla mobile text SMS or Bangla Android text SMS because your opinion it will assist us get better the quality of our Bangla messages collection. Make sure this page again for latest Bangla SMS messages because we continue on updating this page.

Bangla Language Love SMS

Bangla Language History: Bangla or Bengali is an eastern Indo Aryan language. It is inhabitant to the province of eastern South Asia known as Bangla, which comprise present day Bangladesh, West Bengal and parts of the Indian state of Tripura and Assam. It is written by means of the Bengali script. With almost 230 million total speakers. Bangla is individual of the most spoken languages in the world. Read full story on the WikipediA.

Bangla Valobashar SMS

Bangla SMS Collection for Bangla Jokes, Comedy Bangla SMS, Romantic Bangla SMS, Teasing Bangla SMS, Bengali Shayari, Bangla Love SMS, Bangla Funny SMS, SMS and Jokes in Bangla, Funny Bangla SMS and Poems, Bangla Friendship SMS, Bengali Peotry and Bengali Stories.

I will mention again that, in the time of modern technology, we generally need a common thing to converse with each other is the mobile phone or Android OS. We know that by such many kind of device we can converse by mobile call and SMS. This page of Bangla Books PDF is about to present a Bangla SMS collection which has many Bangla romantic SMS or Bangla love SMS. We wish such Bangla SMS will blow your mentality to peace.

Bangla Romantic SMS

This Bangla SMS Collection is from Life to Circle which they have treat as free Bangla ebook download. If you love any Bangla SMS from such Bangla SMS album, be kind to share it with your friends as well.

We recognize that love has no margin. It wants to feel the sky. Occasionally, deep love may feel the sky or go above away from the sky! It is just physically powerful feelings of heart which outcomes mind, grief, laugh, good feelings etc. For such kind of behavior, we require to take the help of various things such as physical life in face of lover, communicate by phone etc. Bangla SMS or Bangla Romantic SMS will help you to send your feelings to your lover in Bangla language. In addition this Bangla SMS may help you to grow new romantic SMS internal to you.

Bangla Love SMS

So, why are you waiting! Just download this Bangla Language Love SMS or Bangla romantic SMS to bring your mind-set to your lover.

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Bangla SMS Software for Mobile

This Bangla SMS Software is absolutely dissimilar from additional Bangla SMS software. Because yet if the recipient doesn’t have the software, message will be conventional in English (Phonetic) which was sending in Bangla. But if the recipient has the software, message will be exposed in Bangla.


So, let’s download the bangla SMS software for mobile and android Click Here to download from google play store.


Publisher’s Description

Bangla SMS apps hit the marketplace enable user to read and write in Bangla. Users having hand sets which do not support Bangla can create the mainly use of this apps Features – Auto SMS Alert – Read and Write Bangla using phonetic.

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Bangla SMS Software for Mobile

Virus information

We did not scan Bangla SMS 2.0 for viruses, adware, spyware or other type of malware. For your own protection it’s recommended to have an updated antivirus installed on your computer when downloading and installing programs from


Soft112 lists download from various software publishers, so if you have a question regarding particular software contact the publisher directly. The download links for Bangla SMS 2.0 are provided to you by Soft112 without any warranties, representations or guarantees of any kind, so download at your own risk.


Writing a Bangla message is pretty easy. The phonetic properties of Bangla language are used for character-key mapping. Also on screen character display is used. So, finding a character is fairly a simple task. The goal of our design was to deliver an effortless, trouble-free, straightforward and uncomplicated keyboard layout for the users. We are sure, after spending sometime you will find writing a Bangla message is an easy task.


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Keys from 0 to 9 are used for representing Bangla alpha-numerical characters, Characters are mapped according to their phonetic English equivalent. Key 1 has punctuation marks (‘ ‘, ‘ ‘ ,’ ‘ ) & additional Bangla characters.

Key * is used to represent auxiliary Bangla characters (‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ ).and conjunctors

Like hosonto and folas (‘ ‘ ,’ ‘ ,’ ‘)

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