Avro Bangla Software

Avro Keyboard Bangla Software for windows 7/8/xp/vista

Avro Keyboard Bangla typing is a complete and comprehensive software that supports Unicode.

Avro keyboard has a flexible user interface for even a novice computer user with multiple user interfaces. It is the automatic tracking, and switching is adaptively a wider range of compatibility.

This tool is Avro Keyboard Bangla Software for windows 7/8/xp/vista : allows you to adjust the keyboard so that you can go with one of the keyboards used in India and Bangladesh .

Keyboard Bangla Software uses a custom toolbar to start tools. From here you can switch between English and Bangla voice input , the viewer window Click’n design or type , choose from the different designs Bangla and access to other benefits .

The software has a feature of English to Bangla typing Phoenetic , you can use the phonetic transcription of a word Bangla see a floating preview window English . It also shows the complete dictionary , which comes with the package to check spelling and correct your writing so you do not miss any typos or errors.

Avro Bangla Software

The traditional keyboard layout based Bangla typing in the application makes it easy for you to enter special characters using the standard keyboard by simply choosing one of the predefined layouts to enter : Probhat , Munir Optima , Avro Easy Bornona or Jatya . You can also click the program and use the virtual keyboard that you use the mouse to charge a device.

It is noteworthy that Bangla sources should not be recommended do so requires . For use with a view to its work This is possible thanks to the built-in automatic font installation, which provides all the fonts used by the application , without finding the sources.

Some of the other useful features are Unicode application to text converter Bijoi , designer skin, tight or iComplex source : a tool to install complex script support in Windows . All this makes Keyboard Bangla Software a complete product for your keyboard with the keyboard easy when it comes to writing in Bangla .

Download Avro Keyboard Bangla Software for windows 7/8/xp/vista

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