Learn some important factors about not getting any job at freelancing marketplace

There are few fresher who are giving application to many job but not getting any replies in freelancing marketplace. How to get rid of this, how to be successful etc, will be there main question. You will be surprised to know that, the rate of getting work of fresher is higher than the older. Let’s check out the reasons of not getting any work at marketplace:

Freelancing marketplace:

  • The main reason of not getting any work – having no idea about exactly what to give during application.
  • Some keywords are mentioned in the job detail and we give the application without answering them properly. For this reason client don’t reply of any application.
  • It is seen that, many of them use the same cover letter again and again which is irrelevant for specific job. And this doesn’t attract any client.
  • Sometimes many buyers mentioned to give some sample of previous work or attach portfolio. In that case, the file should be attached with cover letter. But beware of giving original file. And decorate the portfolio from before. Because portfolio bears role for getting any job.

Learn some important factors about not getting any job at freelancing marketplace

  • Portfolio: The possibility of getting job becomes high if you have good portfolio. Always update the project after the ending of one.
  • Doing bid after reducing the rate of work? Suppose, you went to a shop to buy a bottle of MUM’s water; the shopkeeper give the price of it-15 taka. You see the price of it is 10 taka in another shop. You know the price of it from before. So which one you will buy by thinking about the quality?
  • Many people don’t notice about the spelling during writing the cover letter. This is the main reason of not getting any work.

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