How to Unlock and Root your Android Phone – A Complete Guideline

Before we start, here’s the caveat : To unlock the bootloader and root your Android phone can brick your phone if the instructions are not followed exactly . Yet there is a certain risk is acceptable, especially when external software used to do. Our guide is based on official and unofficial version and and a third program for rooting.

Also note that you need to back up your phone data in advance and unlock the bootloader will wipe your phone. If all this sounds daunting, do not worry – we’ll explain as we go.

Note : Unlocking the bootloader and rooting the phone two separate processes , opening new boot loader to flash ROMs while rooting your root access to install applications that are not normally performed on the handset .

For example, you can install Market Enabler lets ( over IP ) to download for free apps that would otherwise be blocked in your country is an example application of the Amazon Kindle . You can speed up or slow down your phone CPU and battery life. You can also block ads, delete “default” unnecessary applications, and best of all, installing a new custom ROM MIUI like (even if it is only necessary to unlock the bootloader) .how to unlock and root android phone

Ready to start ?

Step 1 : Backup

Have a backup and insurance if you have stored in the cloud your contact information. Here is how to do it, check out our guide this. I done ?

Step 2 : Open the bootloader

This is a little harder . Depending on the phone model , you need to find . Manufacturer unlocking tool on the website For users of HTC , is here the head. Search for your model and download the tool. Samsung users, the XDA forums where you will find application . Odin program for Samsung devices ( for developers ) Free Head Make sure you download the right version for your phone by calling the first message.

Smartphone users can go to the website of Sony Sony Mobile – is a single page for users who want to unlock the bootloader . Follow therein for further instructions . For owners of LG mobile phone , which is not so easy . LG is really no basis to unlock the bootloader so I recommend using Google to see if cunning developer solution for your specific phone model has been developed. For example , here‘s an unlock for the LG Optimus G.

As for Nexus owner , you simply must . All you need is the Google SDK , connect your phone and make sure USB debugging is enabled, enter the following commands :

adb reboot – bootloader

fastboot oem unlock

Step 3 : Rooting

Rick Broida over at CNET has an article on how to easily do this in writing with a third party software called Android Kingo root, and we will do the same steps . First check just the compatibility list , download the program ( for Windows) Enable USB debugging mode on your phone , then the program . Root – hit and it’s all done after the restart .

Enjoy your phone is unlocked !

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