BlueStacks for Windows 8 Free Download

BlueStacks for Windows 8 Free Download – Play Android Apps & Games on Computer

BlueStacks Emulator is ready to show his magic with the new version to the latest Windows 8 . Those who are not familiar with the name , I would say that is an emulator , you can run Android Apps on Windows PC .

If the emulator was first released in a short period of a few weeks , affects the number of downloads of millions of people . You can BlueStacks ever used on your PC.

Although there are many emulators for this purpose , seeking Emulators Android applications on the computer to enforce , but most of them do not run any applications , or give low performance. But none of these problems with BlueStacks . The huge user base emulator speaks of the same quality .

The emulator manufacturer wants to keep his kingdom and expand the user base . The version for Windows 8 will certainly help in this regard , as many people have started this latest version of Windows. In addition, the new version of BlueStacks for Surface Pro optimized.

BlueStacks for Windows 8 Free Download

More features , more fun

The new version of BlueStacks brings more features. Further applications are supported in this new version Over 7,50,000 in the census . The high end games can be best enjoyed with the performance .

As this new version is Windows 8 Pro and surfaces , so that it is fully optimized for the touch function . Android games and applications on your PC, Windows 8 Pro and finishes with finger command gives you the same experience you get while running on the Android device .

It might feel that Android applications run on an Android device , an Android device to have . With a big screen.

BlueStacks for Windows 8 Free Download and surfaces Pro

It is true that the download and install BlueStacks on your Windows 8 Pro or surfaces immediately possible. Bingo ! You do not pay a penny. You can use this new version of BlueStacks download from the official website . Here is the link .

Download BlueStacks for Windows 8 and surfaces Pro

After downloading , run the file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your PC or surfaces Windows 8 Pro . Download your favorite Android apk app , download it and enjoy it . Simple ! Enter this new version of BlueStacks a try at once . Do not forget to share in the comments.

SMS Text Messaging for PC Free Download

SMS Text Messaging from PC Free Download – Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/Mac

There are many uses for SMS and chat with the ditch of a smartphone . And when it comes to an Android device , there are hundreds of applications for the same requirement. Android is it with all the solutions , and everything you have in your tank named as Google Play . The place from which you can get . Everything to our needs Only look , and remove it. Simple and easy . Aside from that , how many of you tried some of their designs SMS solution for your PC ? I ‘m sure there are many . SMS text messaging from PC free download is now available. You can get all the details that are exactly right about it here . Read on !

SMS is an application that automatically synchronizes with the PC. This application is available separately for PCs and Android tablets . However, the PC version does not work properly . This is why people want to install . Their tablet version Well, the good news is that now you can install this application. Their talent as Windows and Mac systems Sounds interesting ! Is not that so? This application is widely available for free , and if you want this app on your tablet , you can simply from the store to play for free. You do not have a penny to make you pay for this app. Before the main lesson , after we have some very useful features of this application , and you have to see now if you really want to do something important. They Let ‘s take a look !

SMS Text Messaging for PC Free Download

Features SMS messaging application

  • Sending and receiving messages on the tablet and the computer immediately
  • Get immediate notification of an Android device
  • See who is calling your phone in real time
  • See the current battery level of the device
  • Sync everything stored on your Android device with your PC
  • Create a group and start group chat
  • SMS from Gmail with your Google email address
  • Send pictures, text and lot many things
  • SMS Backup & Restore option available
  • Share your feelings with emoticons
  • MMS immediately faster to any person within this application

These were all useful features of this application should offer to its users . This application is becoming popular day by day and crossed 17,000 + five classifications . Interestingly , it takes just 30 seconds to install and boot for the first time. It’s great and everyone should this app on their Android devices and now you can for your PC . Let us see how we can install . In our PC

SMS text messaging from PC Free Download ( Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/Mac )

Step 1:

The first and most important is that your computer has a suitable Android emulator must be installed . If you are not aware of these tools , follow the link from where you get the best Android emulator for the PC can be now.

Download BlueStacks for Windows & Mac from Here

Step 2:

Click on the link above and you will be redirected to the official website of BlueStacks Emulator . Select your current operating system like Windows or Mac , and click the Download button .

Step 3:

After a while the BlueStacks on your PC for the first ride .

Step 4:

On the main screen you can see out there. Several options Click on the Search option .

Step 5:

Now write text messages using the keypad and press the Search button .

Step 6:

BlueStacks offer some suggestions , along with your required software. You need the Install button .

Step 7 :

Follow the instructions first and will download this application.

Step 8 :

Layoffs process takes several minutes. Wait a few minutes until it is fully installed .

Step 9:

Now , to the main screen of the emulator and click on the My Apps. You can see the applications installed on your PC. Be sure to click the option there. That’s it!

Congratulations ! You have successfully SMS application installed on your PC or Mac . Speaking of this process , there are several Android emulators are available in the market which BlueStacks is the best and is used by many . This emulator is available for Windows and Mac and works well for both types of operating systems as well. It faces a problem of this emulator in the future .

Tango Messenger for PC Free Download

Tango Messenger for PC Free Download – Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/Mac

Tango Messenger , video calling is one of the most popular and very useful on Android Central. The application is related to communication to meet . Several exceptional features to various user requirements You can do everything from one application. Tango Messenger can send everything in one place . Text messages , video calls , calls, and files Is not it great ? To add more , Tango Messenger is available for free and can be downloaded from the Google Play without spending even a penny for every easily. It is interesting that tango messenger available as a free download for PC . Learn how to download and install the game on your PC by using the tutorial shows straight down . The composition is as follows !

Tango Messenger is very popular among the users due to its excellent performance . It makes everything easier on your own smartphone . Connect with your friends , family and relatives tango there . Tango has exceeded 150 + downloads and is demonstrating its popularity in the world . You can do a lot of things in this application , how to send unlimited text messages and chat endlessly with friends. You can make free calls to your friends . Even more , you can also make video calls . Not be surprised so early. It is much , much more in this app to get . The best user experience For more information you should look at its features. After we recruited all the useful features of this application in one place. Check out !

Tango Messenger for PC Free Download

Tango features Messenger for Android

  • Tango is fun to use with the simple user interface that can be used by everyone all applications
  • Works with 3G , 4G and Wi – Fi
  • Allows you to unlimited text messages , video calls , calls, and send all
  • Cans users to share important documents , files , location , contacts and many other things
  • Personalize your own profile with a special photo along with a status message
  • Group chat to 50 friends
  • All done with all propriety application

Surprised ? For more information about this game you should try it out . Many of you have this application on their smartphone , this application uses a lot , not only for Android , but also for all other smartphone platforms . To seize this application for your Android device , you must click on the link above . Besides that , you’re here to download and use this application on your PC . To do this, you need to follow below the tutorial. Let’s take a look at the tutorial .

Tango Messenger for PC Free Download ( Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/Mac )

Step 1:

First , make sure you install an Android emulator on the PC exactly where we install this game. If you are not aware of any , please follow the link . The following link leads you choose the best Android emulator for the PC . Follow the link !

Download BlueStacks for Windows and Mac from Here

Step 2:

Now , click on the link above and you will automatically be redirected to the official website of BlueStacks Emulator . Now you need to select . The current operating system on your PC And select the correct operating system and press the download button .

Step 3:

After downloading will take , and it takes several minutes to complete the whole process. Soon the emulator automatically installed on your computer in minutes . And you can see BlueStacks will load it on your desktop .

Step 4:

BlueStacks will see a number of different options and they need to focus on the search option a page.

Step 5:

Give messenger tango in the search box with the keyboard of your PC , and then click the Search button.

Step 6:

Now you want more suggestions , along with the request , tango messenger . You must click the Install button next to the application .

Step 7 :

Well , you must complete some instructions . After completing all the instructions , you will be redirected to the Google Play Store . Click the Install button , you accept the license agreement. Shop will be held himself

Step 8 :

Download and installation process will be completed , the application is automatically installed in the emulator . In a few minutes Now click back to the main home page of the emulator and on the My Apps. You can view all applications and games preloaded on this page , together with the latter , messenger tango show .

Congratulations ! You have successfully installed Tango Messenger on your PC . To start this application, click on the My Apps. You can view all applications and games to install because you have to click on the appropriate icon for this application . You’re good , go now ! See figure below and symbol .

How to Block YouTube Ads

YouTube is that the favorite place to observe online videos and since of its giant subscribers, it’s one in every of the highest 10 net property. However it’s obtaining packed with ads currently a days, and in-video ads are the worst of all that all disrupts the user’s expertise. You’ll get obviate these ads to enhance your expertise of look videos on YouTube. Let’s see a way to take away or how to block youtube ads. In this post I wrote details about how to block youtube ads.

Blocking YouTube ads is incredibly straightforward and might be done by any human. We’ll be mistreatment Browser plugins to dam YouTube advertisements. There are completely different extensions for various browsers with nearly identical practicality. You’ll block nearly all YouTube ads mistreatment these plugins.

Advertisements are necessary evil!

Advertisements are one in every of the vital supply of financial gain for YouTube. Of course, you’ll block YouTube ads mistreatment the tools given during this article; however i need you to understand the results of block all ads. While not ads, YouTube won’t be creating any profits and should be sometime, you won’t be having your favorite YouTube for gratis to observe videos on-line. So, please block ads once you very don’t wish them or could also be you’ll choose from one in every of the text and in-video ads to be shown.

YouTube Enhancer Plus

One of the simplest browsers is additionally the one to be having the highest featured plugins – Firefox has wide selection of plugins to accomplish several tasks. YouTube attention and could be a Firefox plugin to enhance/improve your YouTube expertise in Firefox browser.

YouTube attention and will do these for you:

  1. Block YouTube ads shown before and within videos.
  2. Download YouTube videos in numerous formats together with 3GP, MP4, FLV, etc.
  3. See videos within the sidebar.
  4. Save and consider your favorite playlists and high music videos within the sidebar.
  5. Dim lights round the video for comfy look.
  6. Customize the dimensions of the shown Sidebar.

Click here to download YouTube Enhancer Plus for Firefox

Adblock Plus (Chrome)

Most popular ad block plugin for Chrome currently even support block ads of YouTube. you’ll use Adblock and for Chrome to get rid of or block YouTube ads (text in addition as in-video). Adblock and will even block ads from the majority websites on the net, i.e., you’ll relish net browsing while not ads.

Adblock and will do these for you:

  1. Block all ads on the net.
  2. See YouTube videos while not in-video business ads.
  3. Show straightforward ads, i.e., you’ll value more highly to support websites by permitting non-obstructive ads.

Click here to download Adblock plus

ScrewAds (one additional plugin for Chrome)

Chrome is as well-liked as Firefox and same goes with its list of extensions. Chrome has ScrewAds extension which might be accustomed block or take away YouTube ads in Chrome. Note: generally it don’t work for a few videos, attempt to reload the page or restart the browser to create it work, tho’ you won’t be forever productive mistreatment it.

ScrewAds will do these for you:

  1. Remove short and long ads.
  2. Remove all style of ads – text, image, and video ads.

Click here to download ScrewAds for chrome

YouTube Adsfree

Opera has YouTube Ads extension which might be utilized by Opera users to get rid of or block YouTube ads whereas mistreatment Opera browser. This extension is incredibly straightforward to use and hardly would like any preferences to be set, however in fact, you’ll do some tweaks for higher ad block as per your alternative.

YouTube Adsfree will do these for you:

  1. Block ads by block packaging servers – this block most of the ads.
  2. Block branded banners beneath the video.

Click here to download YouTube Ads for Opera

Safari Adblock

Safari isn’t terribly made in terms of plugins however it’s campaign Adblock which might be accustomed take away or block ads in YouTube whereas mistreatment campaign. Campaign Adblock take away most of the ads showing in YouTube. Note: If you’re not glad with campaign Adblock, attempt to switch to Firefox/Chrome and use higher than given plugins for them. It’s as a result of campaign don’t have the other plugin to dam ads.

Click here to download Safari Adblock for safari

Internet Explorer

Internet soul isn’t excellent at list of extensions. there’s no extension to dam YouTube Ads in net soul. If you’re mistreatment net soul, then I’ll counsel you to use Firefox or Chrome side-by-side and begin mistreatment YouTube on these browsers. Get YouTube ad-blocking extensions for them as listed higher than and luxuriate in your show.

Note: There could also be other extensions for each/any of the browser listed higher than to dam YouTube ads however I’ve listed the foremost used ones.

That wasn’t powerful. Was it? Block YouTube ads aren’t associate degree expert’s work. Anyone will try this task. It’s straightforward to put in associate degree extension in your browser, create it block YouTube ads , and begin look YouTube videos while not those nasty ads. Also, please don’t forget what has been told concerning the importance of advertisements if you would like to forever see YouTube videos!

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