How to Create a Killer Upwork Profile-1

How to Create a Killer Upwork Profile – get work on Upwork easily by arranging your profile

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Upwork is the biggest freelancing site of the world. We all know about this. At first its name was Odesk, in 2013 they changed the name of this site from to by working with Elance. If you are a freelancer and want to work on Upwork then your success will depend on how many buyers are there and how many work you will get. A best profile should be made for getting works daily. I am trying to give 15 tips below about creating a best profile.

Give the main services in your profile:

There is an idea among us that, if I will add some extra services in my profile to attract the buyers then I will get more works. But this is not true. So mention the work in your profile which you know. It will be better for everyone.

Do your account link:

Link your account with your social media site by choosing your main service whenever you will decorate your profile then.  Such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ etc. Buyer can get the information about you through these social sites.

How to Create a Killer Upwork Profile-1

Upload your photo:

Your photo is your identity. Your photo will make your profile trustworthy. If you don’t change your photo repeatedly then the buyer will take you as a serious worker and the possibility to get work will increase day by day. Keep in mind that your photo has the professional look and friendly look. Your photo background has to be clear so that the buyer can see you clear not the background.

Choose your title wisely:

Title is very important for your profile as it sounds simple. Title should be simple, specific, small and realistic. Many workers give their title like this, “Photo editing, Image retouching, Background remove” and many more but this is not type of title. You can give these to the skill section. You can give title such as, “Professional photo editor or Expert photo editor.” Keep in mind that, there are many workers who can do any work by doing competition so give your title wisely and perfectly. It doesn’t need to give many things, give that title in which you are perfect.

Give an overview about own self:

Give a clean sense about yourself in the overview so that buyer can get the proper information about you. Don’t do “copy and paste” cause your skill will not match with someone else. Try to give important matters at first, if the buyer doesn’t like your overview by reading first lines then you will lose the work, so keep important lines at first so that the buyer can get the interest to read the full overview. Write about your skills, your experiences, your known language etc at the first of the overview. Write these topics as clear as you can so that buyer can get to knew about your skills. Write some specific things and don’t write anything uncertain here. Here you can express your self-confidence but don’t be overconfident.

Upload some of your introductory video:

Freelancers always forget to make video profile. It is said that, you have to survive here by doing competition with other freelancers so you shouldn’t drop any opportunity. If you don’t make any video then you will go behind from others. Video introductory makes a good impression to the buyer. Buyer will get to know many things by seeing the expression of your talking style. So keep in mind that, you should make a video about one minute long because long video can make the buyer bored. Make sure that you are making a good quality video and your talking style is good. The result can be different if you can’t make the proper video. So take your time. You can write the things which you will say in the video from the one who knows English very well. If you know English then it will be very easy for you, you can say it in your own style. It will work if you make good quality video.

Give skill test:

You are giving test from the time of school life; you have to give test here. If you can do well in this test you will be known as a good worker. Give that tests which are similar to your skill. It will be great if you can do well in the test. It doesn’t need to give test in which you are not skilled. And don’t worry if you can give the test properly, you will get this chance after one month.

Add the skills of your work:

Add those works in your skill section which you can do properly and perfectly. It is also important for your profile. You can give maximum 10 skills and minimum 5 skills here. I will repeat that; give those skills which you can do. Don’t give much. And you have to give these by keeping similarity with your job title.

Fix your language skills:

You all know that is very important. As you need to communicate with the buyer of Upwork so skill in language is very important for communication. And the buyers of Upwork will communicate in English just like other do. It will not work here if you are skilled in other language instead of English language. You can choose “Native or bilingual” but you have to honest for yourself only. Buyer may not be able to depend on you if you cannot communicate in English properly. So give the right information always. It is not that; if you can give the best of yours, you will get most work. Give the one in which you are perfect, but don’t give the wrong information here.

Set your experience level properly:

You have to explain them about your experience through this. So give the right information here also else you have face problems. There are 3 experience levels in Upwork. “Entry level” is for the starter. “Intermediate” is for them who gained experience by doing job for a long time. It is not only for Upwork. Third one is “Expert”, it is for them who believe that they can do the work so perfectly and properly. You can do any project successfully whether it is hard. So choose the level as you are in and don’t need to be overconfident.

Show your certificates:

You can show the certificates which you can collect from the third person but it should be real and should be based on your skills. It is as like as skill test, by it buyer can easily get to know about the skill of yours.

Give your proper job details:

If you do other job then list it here briefly. You have to do the same service here. Buyer can understand that you are suitable for this work as you have the experience about this profession and you can do this project properly. They will hire hire you any project without any question.

Give your educational qualifications:

You can make your profile more strong if you add your educational qualification into your profile. Keep in mind to give short writings. Give your institutions name, your degree’s name etc there. Fill this section with proper information.

Arrange your portfolio:

Though it came late but it is very important for Upwork profile. Your portfolio means you are showing your experiences, what you did till now, how you did that and how much perfect it is etc. You can show them your projects, how you work for it etc. through it. Buyer will get the idea about your ability after seeing these on your portfolio. The basic rule to give your job on portfolio is that, your best works will come first.  It doesn’t need to give the things which you can’t do properly or on which you are not depended. And you have to update your portfolio regularly, buyer will think that you are not active anymore and not doing any new work. So, new work should be uploaded regularly. One more thing is that, your portfolio is as like as your story. Your portfolio will say how you are being expert. Now you can do any hard work successfully. The project might be in your topic. It could be local project, international project and the work of other marketplaces. And if you start to work on Upwork at first then submit some projects by own self.

Fix how many dollars you want as payment for per hour:

It is the last step of your profile and it is about money. It is a matter of great worry and confusion. It is really difficult to understand what you expect for your work. It depends on the size of your work. You have to fix the amount by thinking about all the matters. You will be able to get work if you can fix the amount properly and reasonable. And it will be better if you ask from other freelancer abut their payment, after that you can fix yours.

These all are the 15 tips which will help you to work on Upwork. I hope these tips will help you most.

Q-MasterCard Bangladesh

PayPal’s alternative has come. Q-MasterCard Bangladesh, The best online payment solution

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You all know that the global online payment method has already started their program in Bangladesh. The construction for setting up an office is running on Dhaka. Online payment is gong on from now by their prepaid internet payment card and virtual Q-Card. I will discuss about the benefits of their cards in today’s post.

Why Q-Card is the best online payment solution:

Customer, who used Q-card once, told that, Q-card is the best and easiest online payment solution. Q-Card has some great and helpful features which makes it different from other payment system. Q-card has some benefits and these are- anyone can do registration without any bank account, one can get the card within few days after easy verification, one can do payment service from anywhere of the world, no need to give monthly or yearly fee.

Advantages of Q-Card: Why you will order for a Q-card?

Easiest and fastest from others:

Customers from worldwide choose this as the best online payment method because of its fastest registration system and easiest payment process. Without some differences anyone can take our virtual prepaid card and use it anywhere they want. Now you don’t have to wait for payment.

No fees are required:

The main advantage of using Q-Card is that; you don’t have to pay any maintenance fee here. You just have to pay a specific amount at the opening after that you can use it for the lifetime. In that case you don’t have to pay any kinds of monthly, yearly or hidden charges.

Q-MasterCard Bangladesh

No need of any credit check:

Q-card check will help you to overcome all the barriers. Whatever your credit history is, you can use this payment system. As Q-card is not exposing any information of yours, there are no obstacles to pay anything through this card.

Worldwide acceptable online payment solution:

Q-card is giving you a virtual card which you can use for payment in many merchant website. After doing Q-card payment the payment will be sent to other party within a short time. No bank account is needed for this issue. Keep your funds to your prepaid virtual card safely and do shopping. You can do payment instantly.

Q-Card is a global company:

Q-card is mainly NEW-ZELAND based online payment solution. They have 7 representative offices in different countries. You can use the information in seven languages. They have an office at Dhaka and they provide bangle support service, which is good news for us.

Most secure online payment system:

You can spend all the money which you will load to your card without any fees. Besides, all the information of yours are secure here and no chance to be exposed outside. All the information of your transaction will be kept secure here; Q-Card has world’s best security technique and encryption system. As a result, your money couldn’t be hacked and it will be safe here.

Payment method without any risk:

Q-Card is basically a pre-paid card. You don’t have to fall in any credit risk because of it. Whatever your credit history is, you can run your transaction easily by using Q-Card. Besides, you are getting the opportunity to control your expense here. In that case, you don’t need to pay extra charges for your loaded money, so there are no chances for credit expenses.

In which sectors Q-Card can be used:

  •  One can do shopping from Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba etc by using this card.
  • One can give advertise to Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and other social media through this.
  • One can send payment outside the world for any personal or business purpose.
  • One can give all the fees of competitive test like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL etc. and can pay the fees of the courses which will be done from outside.
  • One can buy software, apps and games from Google play, Apple store etc through this. Premium services of games can be purchased. Gems can be purchased also.
  • One can do payment to buy any domain hosting from any sites.

One can make any online payments almost in all cases through this. Why so late then? If you need to do any of these tasks then a Q-card is required for you.

How To Generate Lots Of Traffic Through Blog Commenting

Do you want to polish your blog commenting strategy? Boosting your blog commenting strategy helps to generate lots of traffic on your blog posts. Blog traffic is the amount of online discussions that are commonly known as blogs. They are displayed on the Worldwide Web in reverse format. For example, the most recent of posts appears first. Five tips to improve your blog commenting are:


How to Generate Lots of Traffic through Blog Commenting


1) Hire Contributors

  • Hiring contributors is a great way of increasing web traffic through blog commenting. That’s because these bloggers already have many followers. They have also mastered their blog commenting skills. These skills may earn your blog the links and shares that you want.
  • One thing about this influential bloggers is that you will have to pay them as well as offer them extra perks. For example, you may agree to provide a link back to their websites or offer a discounted use of your products and services.
  • The main advantage with this talented bloggers is that they also write for big media companies. According to your agreements with them, they might link your blog articles to other third party sites in future.


2) Be Simple

  • You should use synonyms that are common with your keyword. That’s by identifying the ones with the most search engine optimization volumes. This blog commenting technique helps people who are searching for a particular content but are not using exact keywords.


3) Check Your Tweet Text

  • Make sure you optimize your default tweet. When planning of how to generate lots of traffic for blog commenting, you should remember that optimizing your Twitter handle encourages visitors to click on your default Twitter link. That enables them to follow you on twitter. 73% of companies are not taking advantage of this according to a recent survey.
  • You should also remember to include the blog title tag instead of the whole article. That makes it more appealing and ensures that the message is received. Another trick is to avoid generic messaging. These do not appeal to readers as most traffic is generated when you post a message with a personalized appeal.
  • The key points to remember about your default Twitter text is to include your post title, the link and twitter handle. These steps will guarantee you blog traffic.


4) Informative Blogging

  • You should try writing longer informative blog commenting as compared to shorter frequent posts that contain minimal information. That’s because these informative blog commenting will increase your blog traffic and earn you more links. For example, quality content that involves research, opinion articles, research and new experiments generate high traffic to your blog posts.
  • You can achieve this by breaking down your posts in subtopics. For example, you can reach new audiences by uploading these subtopics onto a screen cast or podcast. That includes recording and reading out posts and loading them onto iTunes or doing voice overs and uploading them to YouTube respectively.
  • You can also turn your blogs into an eBook and have them available as a PDF tweet. Make sure that your repackaged blogs make for more interesting reading and viewing than the previous ones. That will increase your blog traffic.


5) Content sharing

  • You can increase your blog traffic by sharing your blog comments more than just once. That’s because many bloggers post and share their contents across social media networks only once. Remember that people can miss your original communication.
  • You can solve this problem by sharing your content severally depending on the platform you are using. For example, during your initial comment, you can tweet, Google+ and share on Facebook.


What to Look Out For

  • Regular sharing and Tweeting your blog posts might generate you a lot of traffic if only you deploy these different tactics and post messages that are informative and fresh in detail. Otherwise, they may come across as being spam.
  • The point to remember is that people may not notice any little thing you do online, but regular sharing of your informative blog posts will attract more links and traffic to your blog.


What to Avoid

  1. You should avoid sharing and posting of blogs posts to communities or people who are not interested in your products or blog commentaries.
  2. Remember that as your blog traffic increases you must forever respond to your follower’s request and responses even if they are negative. Remember responding to their queries is also another form of blog traffic.



With the above guide, you should be able to generate a massive blog traffic that will be beneficial to your business needs. For example, advertising from upstarts and major companies.

How To Create a Memorable Forum Profile

Thinking of how to create a memorable forum profile? An online forum profile enables you to increase your business revenue as well as maintaining customer loyalty. They are popular with the web community as they act as a meeting point. Below are steps to take when creating these profiles.


How to Create a Memorable Forum Profile


  • Find Forum Software

You should find forum software that is easy to install. There are several types of forum software that you can choose from when creating your forum profiles.


You can use software types that offer free versions or others that charge premiums for you to use.

You can also use remotely hosted forums that don’t require any software installation.That’s because the forum company hosts the server. That might cost you money, or you will have to be ready for commercial advertises on your forum.


You should not worry about installing this software as many forum businesses offer this service.


  • Find the Target Market

Have an idea of what your market target is. Targets can be your business community or buyers. That helps you avoid creating too many forums that do not have particular topics. You obliviously want visitors to your site to find interesting forums going on.


You may be asking how you will move from that empty forum to one that has exciting topics. The main thing to remember is that people generate topics. Therefore if quality visitors encounter interesting questions and replies on your profile, they will most likely contribute.


Tricks you should use to pull people to your profile include:

  • Be minimal

You should start with a maximum of four forums. If you have many different ideas for a forum, you can break them into subtopics. That will make starting a conversation easier.


Then group the subtopics under these forums. You should then start breaking down your forums as individual entries come in from your client’s posts.That enables you to move existing topics to their categories and avoids making your forum look empty.


  • Contribute to your forum

You should make it your routine to post on your forums in the initial stages. You can do this by asking the frequently asked questions posting their answers.For example, about the products or issues you may have posted on your forum. That enables would-be members to reply to these posts, therefore, initiating a conversation.


  • Market It to Your Local Community

You should remember that even the largest global brands were once small startups. You should, therefore, get in touch with your local business community or partners and let them know about your online forum.

Getting a conversation started is easier when people who know about your brand comment about it. Remember that word of mouth is the first advertising trick.


  • Publish content

Some sites allow you to publish their materials, as long as you keep all their links contact and the information intact. They do this as they know these markets their articles. The best sites are the ones that charge a fee for their content. That’s because free articles may sometimes be common. Clients searching for this articles end up on your forum.


Business Benefits of Online Forums


  • Companies benefit from these online communities as forums are commonly known. That’s because they can get feed backs about their products as well as offer new products on these sites.


  • Since these forums offer companies an opportunity to answer their client’s questions, they enable new forum members to get ready answers to their queries. That’s because another member might have asked the same question before and had been answered.


What to Consider


  • You should respond to all your online community posts. That’s because avoiding or deleting negative comments won’t save you from a negative review. That’s because these complaints can be posted on your competitor’s websites or independent websites.


Remember that clients who post about your products are the ones who also turn out to be loyal customers. That’s if you treat their concerns well.


  • As your online traffic increases remember that you should always be ready to respond. You can do this by hiring an employee that acts as a moderator on your online sites. That decreases the chances of hostile content being written without your knowledge.



With the above guide on creating your online forum, you should find it easier to create one and enjoy its many benefits.

How To Promote Your Site Through Online Forums

Do you want to promote your site through online forums? Online forums enable you to interact with your current and potential clients. They also provide a platform for them to post their feedback’s and have a discussion about your products. Online forum marketing uses technology tools that include instant messaging, chats and social media platforms, for example, Facebook and Twitter.


These interactions help you to improve your online forum marketing strategy as well as polishing your online forum posting techniques. That’s because your online forum community sometimes helps you troubleshoot flaws. Below are five steps to take that will help promote your sites through online forums.


They Are:

  • Setting Targets

You should set goals that you want to achieve with the help of your online forum marketing. That’s because several reasons make you set out to promote your site through this forums. For example, do you want increased sales or do you want your forum community to offer suggestions that you can use to improve your products.


  • Motivation

Knowing what motivates potential clients is one of the advantages of this online forum marketing strategy. Through online interactions, you will be able to understand what made your products click to them and also how to find ways that will motivate them to use your product.


  • Posting Techniques

Finding the right online forum posting techniques is another crucial step. You should make sure that you use the right software that links each customer post with a response. The best message boards to use are threaded or nested boards as compared to flat boards. That’s because flat boards make the discussions difficult to follow as they tag new comments to the bottom of recent responses.

There is a variety of Web-hosted solutions and software that are free and others that offer premium upgrades. These upgrades help you to coordinate your online forum with your IT system for better customer responses.


  • Forum Content

Your online forum posting techniques will assist you once you have installed your message board system. That’s because you need to initiate the discussion. One of the ways to carry out this task is posting frequently asked questions and their answers. That makes your site’s online forum appear active.


If you had already linked up your system, you could also ask questions that came in through your Smartphone or email system. You should avoid overloading your online forum as you may appear as trying to be dominant.


With time, your online forum community will drive your site’s conversation to a level that you won’t have anticipated. You can also make changes to your site that encourages communication. For example, you should always try to make it possible for your online community to respond and comment on products.


  • Control

You should be ready to allow your online community members to carry out their own policing. You can participate in the discussions as a moderator or let an online forum member to act like one. That will enable you to watch out for posts that may be against your company’s policy or those that appear offensive.

This strategy will give members a sense of ownership of the forum and also encourages them to report any posts that might appear offensive to your site.

You can also increase your online member’s loyalty by finding out a system that rewards them. For example, how long they have been members and their number of posts. That increase their participation and online forum posts.


What to Look Out For:

  • You should not be afraid of negative posts about your products on your online site. That’s because your forum is a better place to post this as compared to doing it elsewhere. You may find it justified or if it is false, then your loyal customers will come to your defense through their online forum posts.
  • You should also be approachable through your online site forum. You can do this by posting your responses to your customer posts or letting a staff member to be in charge of replies.

Remember that even if you fail to respond to this conversations or client queries, they will still discuss them in other online forums. You should always be open to scrutiny.



With the above guide on promoting your site using online forums, you should be able to build a company with an online forum that provides a platform for accountability and response to customer needs.

How to Create and Build Links to Resource Pages

Resource page link building had been a regular link building strategy/technique today. It is worth has become so appreciated in SEOs given that the link as of an existing high ranking page passes to the targeted page (wherever you find links to). The recognized exposure of being incorporated in a resource page is one of some benefits a content publisher could obtain from creating his individual resource page.


It is very essential to understand how this kind of branded link building workings by initial knowing how to create a good quality resource page.


Here are some things you have to believe when creating a resource page:

  • The page should request to a exact group of people (e.g. beginners/advanced practitioners). Adding an explanation at the top of the page will assist your readers identify what that page is for.
  • Discover keywords that your goal audience is most usually searching for. Use Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends to decide the search level and seasonality of your favorite keywords. Decide one keyword that is informational and match the unique proposal of your brand.
  • Set your keyword in the most essential spots of your resource page (e.g. title tag, h1, 1’st sentence of the description of the page).
  • But your resource page is extended. You should insert quick links at the top of the page to serves as it is table of contents. This will increase your user knowledge.
  • You can too add a button on the page to simply scrolls up the page. This will assist your readers obtain to the top of the page without physically scrolling up.
  • Place a download button on your own resource page that links to it is download page. Guests/visitors can easily download the file or use it as a position/resource for their own content pieces but the resource page has an additional for downloading.
  • Include social button at the top of the page to encourage visitors to share it to their peers on social platform.
  • Encourage visitors to e-mail or print your resource page by adding button on it. They would be additional likely to send it to their friends to email, if they found the page helpful.
  • Place a  ‘contact us’ section in the sidebar or menu bar of the page to increase the number of leads you are receiving for your brand. What time your readers had inspired the information on your page; the opportunity for contacting you for a discussion or meeting request is top given that there is already visible contact information on the page.


How to build links to resource pages:

  • Get brand contact and a link opportunity from one more resource page. But remember that you can arrive at out to your contestant as long as you craft a personalized e-mail for her/him. 1’st, build a relationship by the website designer of your target resource page, so it will be simple for you to get the mention or link. Make use of the common queries (inurl : /link + ‘ your own keyword ’ or inurl : / resources + ‘ your keyword ’) to find related resource pages.
  • Re purpose your own resource page into other content format likes blog post. The technique you want to do that is to dissect your business profile to different section. This sections are the topic included in your business guide which you can use for your blog posts.

The blog posts can be turned into guest/visitors post which you can use as link building weapon store for your resource page. Differ your anchor text in your guest/visitors posts to help your resource page rank for different business related keywords.

  • But your resource page require payment to exist consumed, you can try reaching away to webmasters and request them if they want to see and make use of your resource page for free. This could be a good quality angle for your pitch given there are some content publishers who are looking for free resources intended for their content.

Create a personal e-mail, asking your view if he can see your own resource page. You do not need to be pushy now to get a link from to the blogger. If your resource page is actually helpful, your prospect would not be hesitant to link your page in his blog.

  • Share your own content to niche specific community (e.g. forum post). Add worth to the threads by giving your insights concerning the matter. To support your contented, you must place an enticing description to it. The more valuable it is the additional it is receptive for clicks.

Linking opportunity inside this case depends on how you move toward your targeted audience with your own content. The fewer pushy you are the additional your content can get links.

  • Find student blogs that strength be involved to check out your own resource page. Do a Google search to find them (‘ student blogs’  + ‘ your own location ’). The cause you want to place location in your own search query is that the additional you are well-known with the location  the easier for you to place local related opinion in your e-mail pitch.

As well, you would like to make sure to include in your own pitch the benefit of your resource page to the students of the blog quite than hire the webmaster view it as his own profit when he uses your page.



The trend in by resource pages to build links and create brand alertness will increase by the passage of time. The more people are discovering information on the web; the additional you should give importance to resource page link building in your web marketing campaign.

There are a lot more additional technique to build links to your resource page. If you have a good technique in mind, go away it in the comments below.

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