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Bengali Speaking Course Online – A Complete Review

My brother’s blood Stained February21 (Bengali: আমার ভাইয়ের রক্তে রাঙ্গানো একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারী). The language of the movement! Battle for languages! Seemed surprised to hear that. Yes, it’s true. February21 of the 1952 users of the Bengali language movement and the fight for the language. Salam, Barkat, Rafique, Jabbar Young people, including thousands of students were killed that day only to get recognition as a state language of the Native cum Bengali language. Since then it is widely observed annually on 21 February Martyr’s Day (Language Movement Day). Recently the world of the immortal 21 February International Mother Language Day is celebrated in the language of the day center. Happily too, very pride subjects – Bengali language users. Because the whole world knows that the only life we have and the Bengali language name for the native Bengalis a language that exists on world. Calcutta, India with my Mother Land cum Bangladesh Bengali language introduced in many countries around the world, including. Context of the need arisen, Bengali speaking course online. In any case, the story is much longer.

Bengali Speaking course

Bengali belongs to the Indo European people, Indic group, and is speak by over 120 million people in Bangladesh and over 68 million in India, in the area known as West Bengal. The numbers of speakers exceed 190 million including 2nd language users. Only five additional languages in the world can maintain as many as 190 million speakers. Modern Bengali has two fictional styles. One is called “Sadhubhasa” (stylish language) and the other “Chaltibhasa” (present language). The previous is the conventional fictional style based on Center Bengali of the 16th century; the latter is a making of this century, based on the educated form of the language spoken in Calcutta by educated people. The dissimilarity between the two is not extremely pointed, however. The Bengali script, in its there printed form, took form in 1778. The script originates form a selection of the Sanskrit Devanagari alphabet, high and mighty its own individuality in the 11th century. Get more idea about this site:

It is written from my own knowledge. I have some shares of Google Play.

Collected from Google Play:

Bengali (Bangla) language is one of the top 10 most spoken languages in the world. Bengali language is native to present day Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal.

The audio snippets in this app are with a female voice. There is a separate free app with a male voice.

This app will not make you an expert Bengali speaker. However, it will give you 150 practical words and phrases along with audio snippets for you to “get by” and communicate with this widely spoken language.

It will help you in your travels as well as to build relationships with Bengali speakers. We believe that learning another language helps to build a closer and well-knit global community that can bring about global peace and harmony. You can play your small part by taking interest to learn the Bengali language that is spoken by a significant population in the world.

There is a search option within the app to get back to particular words and phrases after you have completed all the 150 words and phrases in Bengali language.

For Bengali speaking course online to know much more about the Bengali (Bangla) language online training software download from Google Play Store: Click Here  |   Click Here

how to install bijoy for windows 8

How to Install Bijoy Bangla Software for Windows 8

Really It’s an easy methods. Actually Bijoy Bangla Software is likely one of the most popular Bangla typing/writing software in Bangladesh. Not also long previous to Microsoft Corporation was once released their newest working operating system windows 8 and windows 8.1. But Bijoy Bangla software now not releases Bijoy for windows 8 and windows 8.1. As a results windows 8 and windows 8.1 consumers can not setup Bijoy Bangla Software for windows 8 and windows 8.1. But there are some and easy methods to put in how to install Bijoy Bangla software for windows 8 and windows 8.1.

how to install bijoy for windows 8


1. You need to any update version of Bijoy software package or Bijoy Bangla software CD or DVD and internet connection.

2. Then Go to Control Panel from your installed windows 8 or windows 8.1, and then go to Programs.

3. After clicking Programs, open a New Window. Check the “Turn Windows features on or off”. Now click on it then open a New Window.

4. Then Click on .Net Framework 3.5 (contains .web 2.0 and .web 3.0)

5. Wait few minute for download update from the internet. For those who should not have an internet connection, then that you would able to obtain .net Framework 3.5 downloads from the Microsoft Corporation.

6. After downloading .Net Framework 3.5, install Bijoy Bangla Software for windows 8 or windows 8.1.

Job Done —– then Enjoy.

Bangla SMS Software for Mobile

This Bangla SMS Software is absolutely dissimilar from additional Bangla SMS software. Because yet if the recipient doesn’t have the software, message will be conventional in English (Phonetic) which was sending in Bangla. But if the recipient has the software, message will be exposed in Bangla.


So, let’s download the bangla SMS software for mobile and android Click Here to download from google play store.


Publisher’s Description

Bangla SMS apps hit the marketplace enable user to read and write in Bangla. Users having hand sets which do not support Bangla can create the mainly use of this apps Features – Auto SMS Alert – Read and Write Bangla using phonetic.

Download and use it now: Bangla SMS 2.0 free download

Bangla SMS Software for Mobile

Virus information

We did not scan Bangla SMS 2.0 for viruses, adware, spyware or other type of malware. For your own protection it’s recommended to have an updated antivirus installed on your computer when downloading and installing programs from


Soft112 lists download from various software publishers, so if you have a question regarding particular software contact the publisher directly. The download links for Bangla SMS 2.0 are provided to you by Soft112 without any warranties, representations or guarantees of any kind, so download at your own risk.


Writing a Bangla message is pretty easy. The phonetic properties of Bangla language are used for character-key mapping. Also on screen character display is used. So, finding a character is fairly a simple task. The goal of our design was to deliver an effortless, trouble-free, straightforward and uncomplicated keyboard layout for the users. We are sure, after spending sometime you will find writing a Bangla message is an easy task.


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Keys from 0 to 9 are used for representing Bangla alpha-numerical characters, Characters are mapped according to their phonetic English equivalent. Key 1 has punctuation marks (‘ ‘, ‘ ‘ ,’ ‘ ) & additional Bangla characters.

Key * is used to represent auxiliary Bangla characters (‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ ).and conjunctors

Like hosonto and folas (‘ ‘ ,’ ‘ ,’ ‘)

Download this software from Here

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Learn Language Bangla for Kids

Easy Learn Bangla Language Software for Kids

When your kids say “আমার সোনার বাংলা আমি তোমায় ভালবাসি……” in other then Bengali I think then you feel “what is the demand of mother language?” So I’m afraid! Because no others nation can’t get success without being mother language and I love my mother language Bangla. For avoid that kind of bad Situation some people are working for you and they provide some excellent solution. In my article I bring some favorite Learn Bangla Language Software for Kids on behalf of International Mother Language day.

Let’s go to detail but we need know about what the mother language is and how we got my mother language at 21st February 1952?

On 21st February 1952 the wonderful day spring at Bangladesh all of nation including students, workers, farmers staying on road to recantation of rule against our mother language Bangla in opposition to scandalous of Pakistani rules,  

Then they attacked us and we sacrifice our life by the name of Salam, Barkot, Rafique, Jabber with many and the day had been changed a red letter day in history of Bangladesh given by our blood.

Learn Language Bangla for Kids

Why need Bangl language?

In the period of Globalization more then 5 million Bangladeshi and our Neighboring countries are residing in several parts of the world. Passed long time next generation of those should leave behind identity and heritage of Bangla. As the voice of great poet Michel madusudon datta “no nation can get success without being mother language” so grow up good citizens it is must be related to language and cultural background.

When you thought that is difficult to maintain, Learn Bangla Software gives you a helpful hand to learn and talk about Bangla for your children in this multicultural society also who like to visit the beautiful Bangladesh.

About Learn Bangla Language Software for Kids:

This is a complete version for compute, laptop and all kinds of mobile device inculcating iPhone and android apps. In following of article below described about features of this interested and why gets more popularity day by day.

  1. Present all Bengali vowel and consonant characters on articulation method.
  2. Learn number 1, 2, 3,………..10 inculcating Bangla by displaying attractive Images with available options of multiple counting choices.
  3. Writing words on screen its gives more facility to hand-writing practices and saves.
  4. The easy traditional rhyme of each characters pronunciation this can more helpful for talking Bangla.
  5. You can test your skilled by using this software.

You can download free and paid this software from below any links.

Click Here   |    Click Here    |    Click Here

Requirement of System:

Windows 7/8/vista, NT, also latest versions of windows and android device.

Thanks for choosing this software.

Bijoy Bangla Font for Android

Download Bijoy Bangla Font for Android Without Rooting

I have received many requests on Bijoy Bangla Font for Android Mobile. Suddenly, unfortunately Android is not thus matured in stirring Unicode and multifaceted Script and there was no way of install new font without rooting the device or tools, but Samsung has approach up with a huge way allows installing fonts. So I have produced this Bangla Font which will work on Samsung Device/other devices through custom font support, so now you can see Apps in Bangla, but don’t obtain also excited, the multifaceted script (Jokto-Borno and so) might not appear properly in a few devices, too a few carriers may make some problems. I have tried a set to resolve this issue but I couldn’t, fine I said Android is not that matured in this method. As a result, this Font comes without any guarantee, so I haven’t published it in the Android bazaar.

Bijoy Bangla Font for Android

There is a proverb in Bengali:

নাই মামার চেয়ে কানা মামা ভাল

So, please try on the way be happy at least at this time you can see Bangla in your apps without rooting the device!

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How to Installation Bijoy Bangla Font for Android:

Please follow the simple steps:

  • First of all do not apply Opera Mini browser for any of the steps below, use Android defaulting browser.
  • Go to your device Settings– Application & make sure Unknown sources are checked. If you see any word of warning click OK.
  • Download the Font file to your Phone or Tablet from this link
  • Or Download the file from this link in your Desktop or laptop and transfer to mobile.
  • Open the downloaded file in your device and Install.
  • Go to Setting—Display—Font style & Select Bangla Font and Ok then “Restart now”.

That’s all done. Now start your device browser and visit the link if you see the proverb/maxim (nai-mama) over then its okay/yes.

Download this software from Here

Note: It’s my other website, here is more details and a Complete installation method in this subject.

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Mayabi Bangla Keyboard and Ridmik Bangla Keyboard for Android, java & Symbian mobile.

If you like these please Facebook Like below. You can as well relapse to the old font if you wish.

Note: Based on Open Source font Monalam, sorry link is not available now.

Battery Saver Apps for Android

About Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

Probability is high to you have a smartphone. Probabilities are as well high that you’re wondering how to get new battery life away of your device. As smartphones are amazing devices to be capable of doing so a great deal, there is one region they go down short battery life. Single article basic phones frequently do extremely well at more than smartphones is the fantastic battery life they own.

Even as it’s not probable to our Android smartphones will get to the same battery life as essential phones in the near prospect, we can eek out additional juice thanks to the assist of battery save apps.

These are the best battery saver Apps for Android in Google’s Play. These are not your standard run of the crush power saving option. We are look at apps that really work as future and help your device create better utilize of its battery.

Battery Saver Apps for Android

That thought, now are the top 5 best battery saver Apps for Android.

Easy Battery Saver

An additional super battery saver Android app is Easy Battery Saver. In a few ways, it workings the same Du Battery Saver does, but it’s exceptional in that it give you a fast rank of your battery level on the home page, giving you quite correct analysis on how much further use you can find out of it.

One of the most excellent advantages of Easy Battery Saver is to it live up to its name being consumer friendly is most likely one of the top things about it. It’s absolutely one of the top battery saver Android Apps out here.

Download from Here


JuiceDefender has tons of different fixed modes. For the most fractions, all of them work fantastically, and one of the more unique things about JuiceDefender is that it scales the CPU when your device is inactive. In additional words, the processor is not attractive as much power when you just aren’t using it.

It has an easy to use border, it knows how to turn mobile information off automatically, and the majority of all, it can create better your battery life for long period of time. It’s as well one of the most optional battery saver Android apps. The majority of the app is free of charge, but a few features will want you to purchase the Plus or final version. Also way, while, it’s single of the many loved battery saver Android apps.

Download from Here

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is one of the extra well-liked battery saver apps for Android. Battery Doctor is good because it not only intended to speed up your machine, but as well features a fixed task killer to find free of the apps taking not needed room and power in the background, like bloat ware that a lot of Venison, AT & T, Sprint and additional carrier branded phone approach among.

This battery saver Android app really shows info very exactly. For example, it will show you how a great deal battery power you contain left after shutting down a variety of features on your phone, such as Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi etc.

Download from Here

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver simply comes in as one of my choice battery saver Android apps. It seem to work improved than most build in power saving option and has a entire group additional features to take benefit of than a few of the more standard power saving apps.

There is a variety of clever mode and set options that you can setup to create sure you are using as small battery as likely. Du Battery Saver still has a few of its own widgets to create things simply available. All in all, DU Battery Saver is one of the most excellent battery saving Android apps you can find.

Download from Here

Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn is an additional one of my preferred battery economy Android apps, mostly since it has a lot of features, a warning icon and some actually helpful widgets.

Sincerely, it’s one of the additional considerate and well intended battery saving Android apps on Google Play Store. Moreover, it has Dashclock additional room that let you make active your camera flash to utilize as a flashlight. It’s not like folks two features are a must contain, but the Dashclock additional room is surely a nice adding for us Dashclock user.

Because for additional helpful features, there are a simple power saving option that automatically boot in throughout the night as you’re sleeping, such as rotating airliner mode on. Generally, it’s one of the further helpful battery saver Android apps, so find it out.

Download from Here

The Last Word/Conclusion

Even as these are a few of the higher battery saver Android apps away here, it’s significant to note that not anything will expand your devices battery life similar to you changing up your usage pattern. Any battery saving app that function as a Taskkiller must be avoided at all cost. Android is a multi tasking OS, and as such, keep apps in the memory so as to they can be access fast. Android has been intended make use of up most of the obtainable memory, and keeps frequently used apps in the setting. If a manager (app) comes and close them, they will just reinitialize & consume a set of battery in the process.

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