How to copy and paste text on Android Phone

Frequently it is much faster to copy and paste text than to retype it totally in android device. Happily for Android users, it is simple to copy and paste text on Android device as that is one of the phones defaulting features.

Trying to copy / paste text on your Android phone can be a harass. Mainly times the text is not yet able to be select, leaving you with no option. Who has not gotten a URL using chat client that does not allow relations or copying text? You most likely would not do a lot of text control on your Android device. Well, no main editing, such as for a name paper or payment note. From point in time to time, however, you may discover yourself wanting to fixing a word.

After select a chunk of text or all text on the display, you can then cut/copy the text and paste it somewhere else. Copying /cutting and then pasting text works now like it does on your computer or laptop.

How to copy and paste text on Android Phone

Follow the step to copy & paste text on your Android Phone :

  • Select or Choose the text you want to cut/copy.
  • Long-press the select text area
  • Touch the highlighted text on the touch screen, and keep your finger press down. You see the “Edit Text menu” with three items: Cut, Copy & Paste.
  • Choose/Select Cut/Copy from the menu to cut/copy the text.
  • When you select Cut, the text is removed, the cut & paste operation moves text
  • If essential, start the app into which you wish for to paste text.
  • Touch the text box/ text area wherever you want to paste the copied/cut text.
  • Place the cursor at the exact spot wherever the text will be pasted.
  • Long-press the text box/area.
  • Select/Choose the Paste command/touch the Paste icon.
  • The text you cut/copied appears in the spot wherever the cursor was blinking.

The text you paste be able to be pasted again & again. Until you cut/copy additional text, you can use the Paste command to your heart’s happy.

How to Unlock Android Phone Password and Pattern

Android is one of the most/the majority popular and useful mobile operating system. Because it’s simple and easy to use operating system. And it’s provide confidentiality to user by defending their data by means of password or using patterns. A lot of android phone users get this benefit to defend their data using password or patterns. Of course everyone remembers their password or pattern that they used to protect/defend data, But what happen what time they forget password or pattern ?

If you are single of them who forget your password ? Then, you are at correct place, here in this article I’ll tell you how to unlock android phone password or pattern. Follow simple/easy steps or strategy to unlock your android phone password or pattern.

1) 1st of all power off your device/system.

2) After this now press up volume key and hold it

3) Now press/push the power button and hold it

4) It will start a covert/secret terminal

5) After that use home button for go up & down

6) After that choose option “delete all user data

7) It will get some time & your android phone is unlocked

All done or Job done – you are successfully unlock your android phone password & pattern.

Note : By using deception you will be loose your phones user data & all system files are reset to default, use this deception at your own risk.

How To Download YouTube Video On iPhone and iPad

We can discover lot of diverse resources video like music, TV drama or motion-picture show on YouTube and puzzled however might download YouTube video on iPhone and iPad directly, since YouTube app on iOS devices is videos however does not permit you to download videos from the YouTube server.

MxTube could be a free app from Cydia allows iOS users download YouTube video on iPhone and iPad directly. But this app got to have a jailbroken iOS device to put in MxTube from Cydia store.

Tubebox is YouTube app from iTunes app store that with ability to each stream and download videos from YouTube on your iPhone and iPad. The video will play fully 720p and 1080p with prime quality sound in repeat and shuffle mode. Currently it’s free for limited time.


Download YouTube Video


The interface allows you to key in keyword or YouTube link finding your favorite video.

Tap on ‘+’ button placed at top right corner to download YouTube videos, the ‘+’ sign become ‘√’ sign.

You will notice Tubebox app download the video automatically. You’ll be able to even download multiple videos at a time.

Downloaded videos are play with in-app video player. The player permits us share videos via social networks (Facebook and twitter), supports repeat one, repeat all and shuffle or save to photos app directly.

The interface simple to use. Tubebox supports background playback mode, the downloaded video can taking part in regularly while not interrupted even through you had exit application by press the home button, it’s terribly helpful if use this advance mode to play video MV, rather like taking part in MP3 song. If you have android phone so you can see how to download YouTube videos on android phone.

Please grab it quick as it’s free for these days solely.

Download Tubebox from Here

Most Addictive Android Games For Your Device

Hello, friends! How are you? Here I’m back with my next script on each one’s favorite “Games”. Android stands within the prime alternative for numerous reasons however one amongst vital side is that the best kind of games you play on android for your enjoyment. Its main quality is that it offers one amongst the simplest vice experiences to a game enthusiast .There are thousands of games on the market in Google play store however its baffled and vigorous task for you to pick out the simplest game appropriate for your French phones and also the game you’ll be able to play. So confused on that most addictive android games for your android therefore here we have a tendency to provide you with prime ten games best for your android.

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger“The world has folded. The game means that this that the story of the game goes this fashion,

In 2012 fashionable civilization is coming back to a finish. International social science are discontinuous, cash has lost its price. Folks have up against the ignorant politicians who were simply lining their pockets – and that they did not spare any of them. It is not shocking to own a Zombie game in list of prime games for android. Dead trigger could be a quite an funny game. Can be vying for fun and by anybody if you’re enjoying games to own some fun I’d suggest you this game.

Click here to download now Dead Trigger


Coming to the small print of the game BLADESLINGER could be a visually beautiful, quick paced 3D action battler developed completely for high-end mobile devices. BLADESLINGER follows the story of William Gaston as he returns to his town to confront an ancient evil. You notice the last word mixing of action and spell casting, unleashing magic and creating attacks together with your blade with equal ease. Here you fancy having a personality within the inside of scrimmage who may also forge deadly wizard spells. So folks that love enjoying haunting games and dangerous games going through adventures will play this game with pleasure.

Click here to download now Bladeslinger

Drag Racing Bike

The long-awaited extension of the foremost well-liked athletics game within the world is finally here! For the entire bike race passionate is Drag Racing-Bike Edition. About the game here is it

Diversify your athletics expertise with seventeen extraordinarily quick game bikes during a new game from artistic Mobile.

  • Challenge thousands of players in four on-line modes
  • Win and find to the highest of the worldwide leaderboards
  • Share your best runs on Facebook and Twitter
  • Mix upgrades to induce the quickest vehicle

So this game is purely for bike lovers and folks who love and are fiery for athletics so for all the athletics lovers this is able to be a good level of pleasure. Enjoy this game racer.

Click here to download now Drag Racing Bike

Asphalt 7

Here is that the game for all the automobile lovers, hit the speed of warmth within the newest, fastest, most visually beautiful edition of the celebrated Asphalt series. Asphalt seven Heat’s game play is extremely the same as that of previous games within the Asphalt series, with the player given the choice of either tilting the device or touching the aspect of the screen to steer. The game additionally has a web multiplayer mode, each native through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and international through an online affiliation. Drive seventy two completely different cars from the world’s most prestigious makers, like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin, together with the legendary DeLorean. Feel the warmth guys fancy the game.

Click here to download now Asphalt 7

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour

Here goes the small print of the game, The ultimate Action FPS game is back on Smartphone with a brand new chapter to push the boundaries of mobile vice even more. Within the wake of nuclear warfare, the sole probability to avoid international devastation is within the hands of the few elite troopers who should catch and rescue the world’s leaders from a scarily acquainted terrorist organization. As with the previous games within the series, time of day plays equally to decision of Duty games. However, time of day is a lot of by-product of decision of Duty: Black Ops II than decision of Duty 4: fashionable Warfare or decision of Duty: fashionable Warfare a pair of, upon that the previous games within the series were primarily based.

The game is controlled mistreatment virtual buttons on-screen; a virtual joystick is employed for movement, whereas aiming is achieved by swiping on the touch screen. Players management their character with a virtual joystick on the left aspect of the screen, whereas trying round the game’s environments is controlled by swiping or dragging on the screen. Rotating mechanism controls also are featured. The player may also crouch, throw grenades, use their weapon’s iron sights, reload, and amendment weapon, obtain completely different weapons, knife enemies, mantle obstacles, and shoot mistreatment buttons and prompts on the touch screen. All controls are often custom from the most menus. The single-player campaign additionally includes pace events. This game is only for action lovers maintain guys.

Click here to download now Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour

Grand Auto Theft

The critically acclaimed blockbuster larceny motor vehicle three involves mobile devices, delivery to life the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty town. With a huge and various open world, a wild forged of characters from each walk of life and also the freedom to explore at can, larceny motor vehicle III puts the dark, intriguing and unmerciful world of crime at your fingertips.

With stellar voice acting, an in darkness comic plot, a shocking sound recording and revolutionary open-world gameplay, larceny motor vehicle III is that the game that outlined the open world genre for a generation. So the game goes with action followers by fun maintain gamers strive it.

Click here to download now Grand Auto Theft

Temple Run

Temple Run centers on a bunch of wandering explorers, wherever one amongst the characters, whom the player controls, steals an idol from an ancient temple. The player controls the characters moments when they need taken the idol. Instantly upon getting the idol, the player is pursued by a bunch of malevolent hellish monkeys Who chase the player out of the temple, so initiating a “temple run. Disney and Image Studios gift Temple Run: Oz – a spic-and-span endless runner impressed by Temple Run a pair of and also the film Oz the good and Powerful. Play as Oz and run the shrieking flying baboons as you switch, jump and slide your method across the land. Begin your exhilarating journey currently and see however so much you’ll be able to run! Let’s strive the new venturous gaming world.

Click here to download now Temple Run

Cut the Rope

Join Om Nom as he travels back in time to feed his ancestors with candy. Cut the Rope: Time Travel could be a utterly new journey full of time-traveling, candy-crunching, physics-based action! With 2 cute monsters to introduce every level, Cut the Rope: Time Travel is double the fun however acquainted to play. If you prefer cut the Rope, you’ll love cut the Rope: Time Travel! In every level, the candy hangs by one or many of the titular ropes that the player should cut with a swipe of their finger.

Mistreatment numerous objects like floating bubbles and bellows, the candy should even be manipulated around obstacles to induce to Om Nom’s mouth. Each level pack introduces new challenges. Levels are scored with a zero to a few star rating, per what percentage stars the player picked up, and a degree score looking on the quantity of stars collected and also the amount of your time taken to complete the extent.

Click here to download now cut the Rope

Angry Birds Space Premium

After a large claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it into a hole and realize themselves floating during a strange new galaxy – enclosed by house pigs! Fortuitously the Angry Birds have super powers of their own…

Angry Birds house options one hundred fifty celestial body levels on planets and in zero gravity, leading to spectacular gameplay starting from slow-motion puzzles to light speed destruction. With regular free updates, different birds, different superpowers, and an entire galaxy to explore, the sky is not any longer the limit! To be True expertise the game its endearing I even have vie this game, I don’t bear in mind hoe again and again however love the game to the core. Yeah its my favorite game of all .So do that buddy’s.

Click here to download now Angry Birds Space Premium


If you prefer enjoying parlor games then you wish to hitch over thirty five million players and check out Ruzzle – the quickest parlor game on the planet! Ruzzle could be a fun and fast word game wherever you’ll be able to challenge your friends or enable an opponent to be chosen at random. Who will realize the foremost words in 2 minutes? Realize as several words as potential on a board by swiping your finger across the screen. The letters could type words as long as they’re connected to every different. Nice audio and animations create it even a lot of fun to play. The matches are vying in 3 rounds and also the highest total variety of scores wins. The rounds are often vied once it suits you. You’ll be able to get going as shortly as you’ve got 2 minutes to spare!

Of all the games I even have listed on top of this can be a distinct information testing game meant for each one .Apart from all the action , horror , journey and athletics games this game would be a pefccet game for mind testing . Therefore do that as expected.

Click here to download now Ruzzle

Hope all the game lovers would have gotten out from your confusion. Please allow us to apprehend if we’ve lost one thing from your favorite list we’d add them in our next updated post the most addictive android games in 2013 – Enjoy yourself.

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