Battery Saver Apps for Android

About Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

Probability is high to you have a smartphone. Probabilities are as well high that you’re wondering how to get new battery life away of your device. As smartphones are amazing devices to be capable of doing so a great deal, there is one region they go down short battery life. Single article basic phones frequently do extremely well at more than smartphones is the fantastic battery life they own.

Even as it’s not probable to our Android smartphones will get to the same battery life as essential phones in the near prospect, we can eek out additional juice thanks to the assist of battery save apps.

These are the best battery saver Apps for Android in Google’s Play. These are not your standard run of the crush power saving option. We are look at apps that really work as future and help your device create better utilize of its battery.

Battery Saver Apps for Android

That thought, now are the top 5 best battery saver Apps for Android.

Easy Battery Saver

An additional super battery saver Android app is Easy Battery Saver. In a few ways, it workings the same Du Battery Saver does, but it’s exceptional in that it give you a fast rank of your battery level on the home page, giving you quite correct analysis on how much further use you can find out of it.

One of the most excellent advantages of Easy Battery Saver is to it live up to its name being consumer friendly is most likely one of the top things about it. It’s absolutely one of the top battery saver Android Apps out here.

Download from Here


JuiceDefender has tons of different fixed modes. For the most fractions, all of them work fantastically, and one of the more unique things about JuiceDefender is that it scales the CPU when your device is inactive. In additional words, the processor is not attractive as much power when you just aren’t using it.

It has an easy to use border, it knows how to turn mobile information off automatically, and the majority of all, it can create better your battery life for long period of time. It’s as well one of the most optional battery saver Android apps. The majority of the app is free of charge, but a few features will want you to purchase the Plus or final version. Also way, while, it’s single of the many loved battery saver Android apps.

Download from Here

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is one of the extra well-liked battery saver apps for Android. Battery Doctor is good because it not only intended to speed up your machine, but as well features a fixed task killer to find free of the apps taking not needed room and power in the background, like bloat ware that a lot of Venison, AT & T, Sprint and additional carrier branded phone approach among.

This battery saver Android app really shows info very exactly. For example, it will show you how a great deal battery power you contain left after shutting down a variety of features on your phone, such as Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi etc.

Download from Here

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver simply comes in as one of my choice battery saver Android apps. It seem to work improved than most build in power saving option and has a entire group additional features to take benefit of than a few of the more standard power saving apps.

There is a variety of clever mode and set options that you can setup to create sure you are using as small battery as likely. Du Battery Saver still has a few of its own widgets to create things simply available. All in all, DU Battery Saver is one of the most excellent battery saving Android apps you can find.

Download from Here

Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn is an additional one of my preferred battery economy Android apps, mostly since it has a lot of features, a warning icon and some actually helpful widgets.

Sincerely, it’s one of the additional considerate and well intended battery saving Android apps on Google Play Store. Moreover, it has Dashclock additional room that let you make active your camera flash to utilize as a flashlight. It’s not like folks two features are a must contain, but the Dashclock additional room is surely a nice adding for us Dashclock user.

Because for additional helpful features, there are a simple power saving option that automatically boot in throughout the night as you’re sleeping, such as rotating airliner mode on. Generally, it’s one of the further helpful battery saver Android apps, so find it out.

Download from Here

The Last Word/Conclusion

Even as these are a few of the higher battery saver Android apps away here, it’s significant to note that not anything will expand your devices battery life similar to you changing up your usage pattern. Any battery saving app that function as a Taskkiller must be avoided at all cost. Android is a multi tasking OS, and as such, keep apps in the memory so as to they can be access fast. Android has been intended make use of up most of the obtainable memory, and keeps frequently used apps in the setting. If a manager (app) comes and close them, they will just reinitialize & consume a set of battery in the process.

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how to unlock and root android phone

How to Unlock and Root your Android Phone – A Complete Guideline

Before we start, here’s the caveat : To unlock the bootloader and root your Android phone can brick your phone if the instructions are not followed exactly . Yet there is a certain risk is acceptable, especially when external software used to do. Our guide is based on official and unofficial version and and a third program for rooting.

Also note that you need to back up your phone data in advance and unlock the bootloader will wipe your phone. If all this sounds daunting, do not worry – we’ll explain as we go.

Note : Unlocking the bootloader and rooting the phone two separate processes , opening new boot loader to flash ROMs while rooting your root access to install applications that are not normally performed on the handset .

For example, you can install Market Enabler lets ( over IP ) to download for free apps that would otherwise be blocked in your country is an example application of the Amazon Kindle . You can speed up or slow down your phone CPU and battery life. You can also block ads, delete “default” unnecessary applications, and best of all, installing a new custom ROM MIUI like (even if it is only necessary to unlock the bootloader) .how to unlock and root android phone

Ready to start ?

Step 1 : Backup

Have a backup and insurance if you have stored in the cloud your contact information. Here is how to do it, check out our guide this. I done ?

Step 2 : Open the bootloader

This is a little harder . Depending on the phone model , you need to find . Manufacturer unlocking tool on the website For users of HTC , is here the head. Search for your model and download the tool. Samsung users, the XDA forums where you will find application . Odin program for Samsung devices ( for developers ) Free Head Make sure you download the right version for your phone by calling the first message.

Smartphone users can go to the website of Sony Sony Mobile – is a single page for users who want to unlock the bootloader . Follow therein for further instructions . For owners of LG mobile phone , which is not so easy . LG is really no basis to unlock the bootloader so I recommend using Google to see if cunning developer solution for your specific phone model has been developed. For example , here‘s an unlock for the LG Optimus G.

As for Nexus owner , you simply must . All you need is the Google SDK , connect your phone and make sure USB debugging is enabled, enter the following commands :

adb reboot – bootloader

fastboot oem unlock

Step 3 : Rooting

Rick Broida over at CNET has an article on how to easily do this in writing with a third party software called Android Kingo root, and we will do the same steps . First check just the compatibility list , download the program ( for Windows) Enable USB debugging mode on your phone , then the program . Root – hit and it’s all done after the restart .

Enjoy your phone is unlocked !

best free antivirus for android phones

Download Top 6 Best Free Antivirus for Android Phones

Here I publish in 2014 on top best free antivirus for android phones. The basic need that I think for the majority of smartphone users who use this system to protect against harmful things. Proper virus protection for Android, which you can download from your device

Google’s Android mobile operating system has its competitors behind and if you Android device, then many apps, games must have tried it so far. This is what the main stream of this great system. When the fun games and applications will increase with the device and on the other hand, this is also the performance entail problems of viruses, malware, etc. and the only way to protect against these things context is that a premium or Free Antivirus Android phones.

Although Google Play examines the harmful things insurance does not affect the device, but many developers still brutally that your Android device. In addition to the applications and games, Internet serves as a source of the virus in the system. Keep viruses. Due to the antivirus applications to Android devices do not know what? Here’s 6 Best Anti Virus for Android Smartphone in 2014 the list of the top.

I tell you one thing, none of this anti – virus for Android is better than the other, and yet offer the same safety. It’s just the name of the brand is at stake. So if you get confused, then you should not be. Simply select and download to your phone and enjoy the first-class protection.

Functions in Free Antivirus looking for Android phones

There are some things to consider when you are looking for a free antivirus for Android, and its ability to identify and remove. Viruses or other spyware these are:

  • The virus re- submits a constantly updated database of known viruses and should be able to scan the system files to an infection.
  • The real- time analysis and inspection of mobile apps for viruses to consider. Several functions Software theft is a desired property. The program is designed to help the owner of the machine in case of theft takes his / device.
  • One of the things that need attention is the protection of the relevant information on your device. There are hundreds of apps in the Android Market for mobile antivirus software on your phone to keep viruses.

Top 6 Best Free Antivirus for Android Phones :

Below I list the class above, download the best antivirus for Android phone, which can give you more coverage. So my list of the top 6 Android Smartphone antivirus app starts here.

AVG Antivirus Free for Android

I’ve heard that name before? If not, it may not be a user of Windows PC, including his. Anyway, the Android app, allows you to keep your device. Viruses You can schedule scans or can also be done manually. In addition, the role of real-time is scanning system to scan new files regardless of whether they are downloaded from the Internet or received from one of his friends. I think it’s done one of the best antiviruses ever for users of Android phones.

best free antivirus for android phones

Download from Here Free AVG Antivirus

Lookout Android / Mobile Security

This will be the best security application for Android now assessed. The application comes with great features that will help your Android free from any kind of viruses to you. Scan function in real time makes it better than the best. Once you have this app on your phone, forget about new virus hit the doors of the unit. Virus old? Imagine a full system scan and kill them all. If I ‘m not fascinated by AVG Free and then go for this free antivirus for Android.

Download from Here Lookout Android / Mobile Security

Avast! Android / Mobile Security

All pc users do not even have the second single will be downloaded on their Android devices. To the app this is what won the avast antivirus reputation through high quality work in their field. You can download Avast Antivirus App from Google Play for free. After downloading, we recommend an analysis of the full-time, so you can take it to the next level, maybe. Your Android performance.

Download from Here Avast Android / Mobile Security

McAfee Antivirus for Android

This provides the same quality of work that makes the PC version. Ever heard of the PC version is used? Whether or not, you can not miss the Android version. The application is on Google Play for free downloading. In addition to protection against incoming new virus from any source, ancient viruses, etc., the application also provides backup and restore feature. If you have used this software on your computer, you can download McAfee Anti – Virus for Android.

Download from Here McAfee Android App

Kaspersky Android / Mobile Security

Comes with real-time scanning, automatic scanning, and protection against spam SMS, web security, etc. All these safety results in the full backup of your Android device. The application will be paid, but worth the price. Well, there is a more detailed description of this peak and the best antivirus for android, how do you know all of its features and capabilities.

Download from Here Kaspersky Android / Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus

This is new and top free Android antivirus Bitdefender number 1 is in fact already on the list of the best antivirus PC for the last year for all the blogs first level. The Android version is also not lagging behind. Perfect protection is provided against viruses, malware, spyware . The application is not the amount of memory, so no Leistungsfragenzu eat after installing the application.

Download from Here Bitdefender Mobile Security

Just go to Google Play Store and search for the desired application and then you can download one of the best antivirus app for your Android Smartphone.

I hope you enjoy this post, and now you need to have downloaded more Top Antivirus for Android, and if you encounter a problem, please comment and let us find the solution them. Thanks.

BlueStacks for Windows 8 Free Download

BlueStacks for Windows 8 Free Download – Play Android Apps & Games on Computer

BlueStacks Emulator is ready to show his magic with the new version to the latest Windows 8 . Those who are not familiar with the name , I would say that is an emulator , you can run Android Apps on Windows PC .

If the emulator was first released in a short period of a few weeks , affects the number of downloads of millions of people . You can BlueStacks ever used on your PC.

Although there are many emulators for this purpose , seeking Emulators Android applications on the computer to enforce , but most of them do not run any applications , or give low performance. But none of these problems with BlueStacks . The huge user base emulator speaks of the same quality .

The emulator manufacturer wants to keep his kingdom and expand the user base . The version for Windows 8 will certainly help in this regard , as many people have started this latest version of Windows. In addition, the new version of BlueStacks for Surface Pro optimized.

BlueStacks for Windows 8 Free Download

More features , more fun

The new version of BlueStacks brings more features. Further applications are supported in this new version Over 7,50,000 in the census . The high end games can be best enjoyed with the performance .

As this new version is Windows 8 Pro and surfaces , so that it is fully optimized for the touch function . Android games and applications on your PC, Windows 8 Pro and finishes with finger command gives you the same experience you get while running on the Android device .

It might feel that Android applications run on an Android device , an Android device to have . With a big screen.

BlueStacks for Windows 8 Free Download and surfaces Pro

It is true that the download and install BlueStacks on your Windows 8 Pro or surfaces immediately possible. Bingo ! You do not pay a penny. You can use this new version of BlueStacks download from the official website . Here is the link .

Download BlueStacks for Windows 8 and surfaces Pro

After downloading , run the file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your PC or surfaces Windows 8 Pro . Download your favorite Android apk app , download it and enjoy it . Simple ! Enter this new version of BlueStacks a try at once . Do not forget to share in the comments.

Bijoy Bangla Mobile Keyboard

Bijoy Bangla Mobile Keyboard – How to Install It

Within full screen QWERY mode if replace Latin keyboard by way of symbian s60v5 with belle bangla keyboard. I removed Latin characters and restore it with bangla unicode font. You can observe bangla in every anywhere in your phone it look good if you type that with this keyboard. Some complex script matter will come if typed also where.

Bijoy Bangla Mobile Keybord – How to install?

1. 1st go to c:\resource\Fonts\

2. Note the file/folder names of all the font you have ( at least 4 font have to contain some of you may have 6 )

3. Currently download the attached font.

4. Copy and rename it with your individual fonts same number of time as your font in /resource/Fonts/

5. Currently go to E:\resource\Fonts\

6. If no file/folder present named Fonts create it.

7. Copy all the fonts with the intention of you renamed.

8. Restart/reset your phone.

Bijoy Bangla Mobile Keyboard


Note : 4 fonts file names are

s60snr . ttf

s60ssb . ttf

s60tsb . ttf

S60ZDIGI . ttf

If your phone has 6 fonts file after that other 2 file name may also require. I forgot those 2 (two) filenames. They are uncommon may be found in multi words supported firmware (Phone Software)

If you not capable to check your fonts file in c:\resource\Fonts\ now do the process according to above/over font names. This will job.

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How to Reset Memory Card Password

This problem at all times arises in mind while your memory card is locked. As a lot of mobile users protect their personal data by addition password to memory card, however it get difficult to reset forgotten memory card password, in this position a lot of users get frustrated  and they fear to loss their private data from it. So now follow simple step to reset your memory card password. You can as well reset Nokia s40 mobile memory card password, but you want to have Symbian mobile to do so.

This is mainly common issues that locked mobile phone memory card owing to password lock. In most luggage such SD cards will be be not viable without unlocking the card. To put off your card from this matter, do not put password protection for memory card without cause. As we know most of card readers will not show the card detect on Computer or Laptop because of this password lock. If you have extremely significant data in the MMC card.

So don’t worry you know how to easily reset password of your memory card password. 1st of all to do this you want Android/Symbian mobile phone and X-Plore apk.

How to Reset Memory Card Password

  • First download X-Plore & install in your Symbian/Android mobile device.
  • Open your X-Plore apps & press 0 ‘Zero’ and verify which you have marked the ‘show the system files’
  • Then go to the following step/path C:/ Sys / Data / Mmcstore
  • Once you reach at C:/ Sys / Data/ Mmcstore you want to press ‘3’ under option to set it in the Hex-viewer
  • In the 3rd column you will be able to see a line of code ‘TMSD02G’ ( c??”?x???6?2?6?2?6 ).
  • Now check the character among the ‘?’ it is your password i.e.: in ‘TMSD02G’ ( c??”?x???6?2?6?2?6 ) password is 6 2 6 2 6

 So your password is 6 2 6 2 6 , Now/Currently reset memory card password by entering this password. All done. Thanks.

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