Battery Saver Apps for Android

About Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

Probability is high to you have a smartphone. Probabilities are as well high that you’re wondering how to get new battery life away of your device. As smartphones are amazing devices to be capable of doing so a great deal, there is one region they go down short battery life. Single article basic phones frequently do extremely well at more

best free antivirus for android phones

Download Top 6 Best Free Antivirus for Android Phones

Here I publish in 2014 on top best free antivirus for android phones. The basic need that I think for the majority of smartphone users who use this system to protect against harmful things. Proper virus protection for Android, which you can download from your device Google’s Android mobile operating system has its competitors behind and if you Android device,

Bijoy Bangla Mobile Keyboard

Bijoy Bangla Mobile Keyboard – How to Install It

Within full screen QWERY mode if replace Latin keyboard by way of symbian s60v5 with belle bangla keyboard. I removed Latin characters and restore it with bangla unicode font. You can observe bangla in every anywhere in your phone it look good if you type that with this keyboard. Some complex script matter will come if typed also where. Bijoy

How to Reset Memory Card Password

This problem at all times arises in mind while your memory card is locked. As a lot of mobile users protect their personal data by addition password to memory card, however it get difficult to reset forgotten memory card password, in this position a lot of users get frustrated  and they fear to loss their private data from it. So

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