The Easy Way to Know Image SEO

The Easy Way to Know Image SEO

Image is an important part of webpage. It is one of the helper of Google ranking. But Google doesn’t read image. So image needs to do SEO. The processes to make the image SEO are given below:

Alt text: Search engine can read your webpage text but doesn’t read your image. That’s why search engine search for alt text. Because search engine can understand about the image and do rank by reading alt text. So use your image as Alt text.

Keyword should be used in the case of using Alt text.The Easy Way to Know Image SEOFile size and format: Page loading time is an important matter in Google raking algorithm. It is hard for ranking a page which takes much time to load. It takes too much time to load a page because of each image of webpage. So it takes much time if any size of image is big. So the image needs to be as small as possible. It will be better if the size of any image is 640×480 pixels and should be saved to the file as JPEG or PNG format.

Image file name: That we give as image file name lies in the webpage code. At the time of scroll Google catches all things in the algorithm code. That’s why you can not give varieties types of name such as: image12345.jpg relevant word or keyword should be given in the filename. But is best to use keyword.

The Easy Way to Know Image SEO

Beware of your decorative image: you should be aware of using decorative image such as: background image, button image, border image etc. It will be better to design it is possible to use CSS by decreasing decorative image. Any kind of alt text of decorative image should not be used.

These works should be done for ranking as these are very important tasks.

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5 reasons for which you can not be a successful freelancer

5 reasons for which you can not be a successful freelancer

The wind of freelancing is blowing in our country. Everyone is busy to earn money through internet and wants to be rich staying at home. Is it easy to be rich by staying at home? The freelancing seems to be the easiest method of earning from outside where money can get by sitting in front of computer. Many people think computer is a dollar printing machine. They come to do freelancing rapidly but after some days they understand that the work is not for them.

Let’s see 5 reasons for which you can not be a successful freelancer:

Patience: Patience is the first quality for being successful in freelancing. You can not be able to survive in the world of freelancing without patience. New freelancers have to give the test of patience. It can take 3 months instead of 1 month to get work. You can’t lose hope.

Strategy: Why you suppose that you are able to work in freelancing market place? Will you be able to delivery international level work? You should be skilled if you want be successful in freelancing. The knowledge of “ABCD” won’t work here. If you think that you are able to work international quality works the come to freelancing. Otherwise do practice. Without knowing anything about freelancing you can get work by luck but you can not complete the work properly. So, prepare yourself for doing international level work the n come to freelancing.

5 reasons for which you can not be a successful freelancer

English: I know some people who are skilled in work but they don’t get any work after coming in freelancing. Weak in English, is the main reason of it. You have to be well skilled in English if you want to be successful in freelancing. How you will work if you can not understand what your client is telling you. It is not that you have to learn the whole English dictionary. You just have to learn the basic knowledge of English for chatting or communicating with the buyer. Otherwise you will not be able to work in freelancing.

Laziness: Don’t wish to eat by doing work? Sleep comes if you sat in front of computer? Then freelancing is not for you. I said before, freelancing is not so easy and comfortable as it seems. Together with physical stress it has emotional stress too. You might work for 8-10 hours at a stretch. So if you are a lazy people then freelancing is not for you.

Work in low rate: After passing the entire exam above you can not be a successful freelancer and for that you have to prove yourself as a poor to the foreign buyer then it will be a great benefit for you. The beggar of Jigatola, Dhaka earns much than you where you are earning 10-15 cents. So work on average rate without ruining the market by doing work on a low rate. You are not also damaging yourself but also damaging the entire freelancer by doing work on a low rate. So work on a good rate and then your bank balance will increase.

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Learn some important factors about not getting any job at freelancing marketplace

Learn some important factors about not getting any job at freelancing marketplace

There are few fresher who are giving application to many job but not getting any replies in freelancing marketplace. How to get rid of this, how to be successful etc, will be there main question. You will be surprised to know that, the rate of getting work of fresher is higher than the older. Let’s check out the reasons of not getting any work at marketplace:

Freelancing marketplace:

  • The main reason of not getting any work – having no idea about exactly what to give during application.
  • Some keywords are mentioned in the job detail and we give the application without answering them properly. For this reason client don’t reply of any application.
  • It is seen that, many of them use the same cover letter again and again which is irrelevant for specific job. And this doesn’t attract any client.
  • Sometimes many buyers mentioned to give some sample of previous work or attach portfolio. In that case, the file should be attached with cover letter. But beware of giving original file. And decorate the portfolio from before. Because portfolio bears role for getting any job.

Learn some important factors about not getting any job at freelancing marketplace

  • Portfolio: The possibility of getting job becomes high if you have good portfolio. Always update the project after the ending of one.
  • Doing bid after reducing the rate of work? Suppose, you went to a shop to buy a bottle of MUM’s water; the shopkeeper give the price of it-15 taka. You see the price of it is 10 taka in another shop. You know the price of it from before. So which one you will buy by thinking about the quality?
  • Many people don’t notice about the spelling during writing the cover letter. This is the main reason of not getting any work.

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Q-MasterCard Bangladesh

PayPal’s alternative has come. Q-MasterCard Bangladesh, The best online payment solution

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You all know that the global online payment method has already started their program in Bangladesh. The construction for setting up an office is running on Dhaka. Online payment is gong on from now by their prepaid internet payment card and virtual Q-Card. I will discuss about the benefits of their cards in today’s post.

Why Q-Card is the best online payment solution:

Customer, who used Q-card once, told that, Q-card is the best and easiest online payment solution. Q-Card has some great and helpful features which makes it different from other payment system. Q-card has some benefits and these are- anyone can do registration without any bank account, one can get the card within few days after easy verification, one can do payment service from anywhere of the world, no need to give monthly or yearly fee.

Advantages of Q-Card: Why you will order for a Q-card?

Easiest and fastest from others:

Customers from worldwide choose this as the best online payment method because of its fastest registration system and easiest payment process. Without some differences anyone can take our virtual prepaid card and use it anywhere they want. Now you don’t have to wait for payment.

No fees are required:

The main advantage of using Q-Card is that; you don’t have to pay any maintenance fee here. You just have to pay a specific amount at the opening after that you can use it for the lifetime. In that case you don’t have to pay any kinds of monthly, yearly or hidden charges.

Q-MasterCard Bangladesh

No need of any credit check:

Q-card check will help you to overcome all the barriers. Whatever your credit history is, you can use this payment system. As Q-card is not exposing any information of yours, there are no obstacles to pay anything through this card.

Worldwide acceptable online payment solution:

Q-card is giving you a virtual card which you can use for payment in many merchant website. After doing Q-card payment the payment will be sent to other party within a short time. No bank account is needed for this issue. Keep your funds to your prepaid virtual card safely and do shopping. You can do payment instantly.

Q-Card is a global company:

Q-card is mainly NEW-ZELAND based online payment solution. They have 7 representative offices in different countries. You can use the information in seven languages. They have an office at Dhaka and they provide bangle support service, which is good news for us.

Most secure online payment system:

You can spend all the money which you will load to your card without any fees. Besides, all the information of yours are secure here and no chance to be exposed outside. All the information of your transaction will be kept secure here; Q-Card has world’s best security technique and encryption system. As a result, your money couldn’t be hacked and it will be safe here.

Payment method without any risk:

Q-Card is basically a pre-paid card. You don’t have to fall in any credit risk because of it. Whatever your credit history is, you can run your transaction easily by using Q-Card. Besides, you are getting the opportunity to control your expense here. In that case, you don’t need to pay extra charges for your loaded money, so there are no chances for credit expenses.

In which sectors Q-Card can be used:

  •  One can do shopping from Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba etc by using this card.
  • One can give advertise to Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and other social media through this.
  • One can send payment outside the world for any personal or business purpose.
  • One can give all the fees of competitive test like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL etc. and can pay the fees of the courses which will be done from outside.
  • One can buy software, apps and games from Google play, Apple store etc through this. Premium services of games can be purchased. Gems can be purchased also.
  • One can do payment to buy any domain hosting from any sites.

One can make any online payments almost in all cases through this. Why so late then? If you need to do any of these tasks then a Q-card is required for you.

what is outsourcing

What Is Outsourcing?

If you are a business owner, then you are more than familiar with the term ‘outsourcing.’ However, have you ever asked manually, ” What is outsourcing? ” what time researching the definition of outsourcing can be best described as the process of hiring an individual or company to handle business for you. It has become an extremely common practice which allows both small and medium sized businesses to get the skills and services that they would normally find difficult to develop due to limited finances or manpower. These businesses can grow without any major investment.


Companies are free to focus on their most basic competencies and improve their efficiency without all of the hassle. Over the past ten years, business owners have started to realize that there are several reasons that companies outsource jobs. However, the biggest advantage is that it saves money.Not everyone has the expertise or skill sets to run a business, but outsourcing is one of the best ways to get things done without them. Let’s take a moment to discuss the details of outsourcing as well the types of tasks that business can assign to those outside of their business.

what is outsourcing

What Outsourcing Provides


Many companies that propose outsourcing services are capable to do this work for less money. This is because they don’t need to provide benefits to their employees. They also have little to no overhead expenses.


Also, when researching the definition outsourcing is described as an opportunity for companies to focus on other areas of their business while allowing outside experts to handle the details. For example, telemarketing is one of the best ways to get the word out about new products or services. However, if the business owner does not specialize in the skills needed to be a successful telemarketer, then he or she may hire an outsourcing company which will provide these services. And the business owner is then left to concentrate on getting ready for inquiries about their campaign.


Also, outsourcing makes it so that a large amount of the resources can be used for broader issues within the business. The company that handles the outsourcing is usually streamlined and will have access to the newest technology–something that most small startups simply can’t afford on their own. One should also consider expansion when thinking about outsourcing. It is a cost-effective way to start build the foundation in other countries.


Maybe you’re asking more than “What is outsourcing?” Perhaps you’re interested in exactly what tasks these outsourcing companies can perform. Though you can outsource just about any task, there are some that are more popular. A large number of manufacturing businesses send production offshore because of cheaper expenses overseas; several outsourcing companies provide marketing services which create advertising copy for clients; freelance graphic designers design web content and print for various organizations and it’s fairly easy to provide IT support remotely. Outsourcing companies naturally handle roles such as accounting, plan and manufacturing, development, organizational assistance, accounting and much many more.


The Bottom Line


If you are someone who is just starting a business and believe that you are incapable of making it successful due to your low finances or lack of expertise in certain area, after that outsourcing proves you incorrect. Just put, through outsourcing you can dole out a few of your business tasks. These particular activities can easily be managed by an independent company and ultimately make life much easier for entrepreneurs. When researching the definition outsourcing can be viewed as one of the best ways to save more money than if you were to hire someone locally to do the exact same job.



When we examine the question, “What is outsourcing?” we discover several key benefits. Regardless of your business’ niche, outsourcing can be extremely worthwhile and will give you the opportunity to grow your business while simultaneously saving you time and money. And often you are only just a few clicks away from a company that can take a huge weight off of your shoulders. All it takes is a small investment. And when you take the time to think about the high return on investment, outsourcing seems like the most practical decision.

About the Software Development Job



Software development is a popular and lucrative career today. Every computer application that people use today was created by a software developer at some point. Some software developers will design applications for other devices today, such as smartphones. Software developers may also modify existing systems that control networks or run devices. When people are asking the question ‘what is software development,’ they should just think about everything that is necessary to keep a computer running and everything that is necessary to make computers perform certain tasks. Software developers were in charge of all of it. Software developers are in charge of testing software and computer programs in order to eliminate the bugs, and they document software and write code, and software development encompasses all of those tasks.


Become a Software Developer


Unsurprisingly, a lot of people today are interested in becoming software developers. Software development is one of the most potentially lucrative careers available today, and most of the people who are interested in software development will join the field on that basis alone. Other people will become interested in software development because they are uniquely interested in the field and interested in how computer software works. Almost everyone uses software and computer applications today, so they have a sort of familiarity that they did not have a few decades ago. Some people got interested in computers when they were just young children, and they have managed to nurse that interest into adulthood.


The average salary for a software developer in the United States is 70,000 dollars a year. The entry level employees in the field are going to make just under 70,000 dollars in many cases. After twenty years, many software developers can make six-figure salaries. The salary for a software developer starts out high, and it manages to rise fairly steadily over time.


It should be noted that those salary figures only apply to the software developers who work for a company. Getting these positions can be somewhat difficult in many cases. There is a great deal of national and international competition for software development positions at large companies, especially if these are the most lucrative positions. The impressive salary figures for software developers are catalogs of the experiences of the people who made it into these positions, and it will not affect the experience of all software developers.


Software developers who take on freelance jobs can have much more variable salaries. Some of them make salaries that are much higher than those of salaried software developers. Other freelance software developers will make significantly less than most entry level employees in the software field. On the other hand, the software developers in this work environment are going to be able to have more control over their lives. Software developers spend most of their time and most of their lives in office environments. They might commute to work long-distance. Freelance software developers may be able to work from home almost exclusively, which can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the quality of life for a lot of people.


A person who wants to become a software developer may need to go back to school for the sake of learning the necessary programming languages. Most companies are going to require someone to have a four-year degree in information technology or software engineering. The requirements for freelance programmers should be far less strict. As long as the software developers in question can satisfy all of the work requirements for a give freelance client, the client isn’t going to care whether or not the developer has a degree.


It is possible to learn software development online today. People don’t need to go into debt for the sake of a four-year degree in software development now. Some individuals may prefer to earn a degree and get the salaried position that will give them a certain degree of security. Other people want the freedom and flexibility of the freelance life and work environment. Fortunately, software development is a field that has a tendency to open doors for people.

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