Five Forex and Investment Tips to Know Before You Trade

Currency trading is attractive due to the emergence of improvement in technologies that make it easier even for newbies to participate and make some profit in a market that is so volatile. Another side of the appeal comes from the potential of the Forex market which does at least $3 trillion daily volume on the higher side and $30 billion on a NYSE typical day of operation. Those figures could make you wealthy if you have the right strategy.


With regards to this, here are some Forex and investment tips that you should know before jumping into the market:


1. Never undermine the simplicity of Forex trading


Forex appeals to people due to the fact that there are only a few global currencies being traded vs hundreds of publicly traded stock. However, this simplicity shouldn’t be seen as easy. The reason being; the small list of currencies you’re seeing in the market is tied to a big picture trend, plus other issues related to central banking and Geo-location tend to influence the outcome. For this reason, you must be equipped with the best Forex tips to understand the entire modern monetary system as related to world events.


2. Movements tend to be small and the impact is huge


Currency movement in Forex trading tend to be very small. Movement such as 1/100th of a percentage (known as pips) is the most common denomination. Relate this to the stock market and you realize that such an insignificant movement is nothing to sneeze about.


So while trading Forex, always remember that the smallest movement can equate the standard lot size of about 100,000 units of currency.


3. Leverage plus risks


Due to the fact that standard lots tend to be very large, traders are often forced to borrow to make substantive size of trades. This can be seen in the way 100,000 units is able to quickly top $100,000 in a single trade value. This strategy is what experts call ”Leverage”. You should learn it from the best Forex tips, otherwise, you will be vulnerable to suffering big risks. Since you’re trading with another person’s money, you can’t afford to make a single mistake trading large lots of money without mastering proper Forex and investment tips.


4. This market is aggressive and even sophisticated


Every trader should consider Forex an aggressive asset class which shouldn’t be included in a typical asset portfolio. Like what happens in short selling, penny stock investing and other high-risk investment strategies, you could make some serious dough if you are right in every move.


Therefore, if you are a rookie trader, learn the best investment tips first. Only come back when you have built enough of knowledge and nerves of steel to play the game.


5. Trading takes place round the clock


Due to the advancement in technology now, the Forex market is a 24-hour market that allows you (or sometimes forces you) to trade at certain times. Some veteran Forex traders are known to work in front of their PCs during odd hours. What this means is that you should be ready for this commitment before you begin. And of course never forget to learn the best investment tips first.

Top 10 Forex Blogs Site

Here is a list of my top 10 forex blogs. I follow these blogs using my own email on a standard basis, and I locate them attractive and very useful. I believe they should be on all forex trader’s feed.


So, at this time top 10 forex blogs:

  1. Kathy Lien: Beast of currency study at Global Forex Trading (GFT). She provides attractive technical and fundamental analysis, forex signal and strategies. A important part of posts are of her attractive TV interviews.
  2. FXPath: Huge technical analysis by forex specialist James Chen. He is also the admistrator of the book: fundamentals of Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading.
  3. Currency Thoughts: Larry Green berg, an expert currency economist bring forex information from many places all above the world, and in detail analysis of present proceedings.
  4. Forex Blog: This is forex blog is written by Andrei. ever since 2006, Andrei’s excellent blog for forex news,  updates on forex software  (including code), technological look and lot of more.
  5. Trading NRG: Lior Cohen provides in deepness daily, weekly and monthly analysis, forecasts, news and more other, about all related to oil, gold, commodities, ETF and much more. A must for anybody who trade these economical instruments.
  6. Francesc Riverola: CEO of FX Street provide forex business news, full statistics of his large forex portal and spices up his blog with additional stuff as well.
  7. The Forex Articles: James Wooley speaks his mind about forex strategies, forex trading ideas and more details.
  8. Trading U – Chicago Blog: Jay Norris provides about psychological effects of forex trading, trading pattern, technical analysis and more.
  9. Winners Edge Trading: Last other than not least, Casey Stubbs at Winners Edge Trading, with a individual center on one of the most popular currency pairs: EUR/USD. His huge posts with reference to trading psychology too have a large share in his content.


Significant notes:

  • Presently blogs are in this inventory. Even as there are a lot of definitions for blogs, and there is a very well line between a blog or a website, I stick by two definitions: chronologically ordered in overturn (last post first), and the alternative to comment. There are lots of good quality forex blog sites out there. I listed here just blogs.
  • I listed here just blogs or website that are to my liking.
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  • The order in the list does not stand for an interior ranking.


I infrequently feature these blogs or websites on my own forex links for the weekend post. This list was composed following Casey Stubbs complete a similar list, which I am happy to be fraction of.


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best investment options for retired person

Worst and Best Investment Options for Retired Person

It is important to realize that investing is not an exact science. Even though some seem to make money in whatever they invest, others seem to lose whenever they invest in anything. The simplest, most straightforward method for evaluating any investment is the percentage of people who buy into it and get their money back. The next rule of thumb is how many made returns above their investments.

Generally, if investments make more money than they cost, they can be considered good investments. Most successful investors are what can be called hedged risk-takers. That means that they will take risks periodically if they can afford to, but they never take more risks than are considered necessary to accomplish their goals. Although there are investments that historically have reaped more financial rewards than financial disasters, many more are nothing more than bottomless pits that continually feed the never-quenched thirst of speculation. They seem to always promise great returns but seldom seem to deliver.

This article does not presume to give investment advice. Based on past performance, it merely points out and draws attention to what investments over the years have been most likely to produce financial gains and those that have been mostly likely to produce financial disappointments or losses. Although past performance does not necessarily guarantee the same showing for the future, it does provide a standard by which nonprofessional investors can judge whether an investment is historically financially safe or detrimental. So, based on the fact that these best and worst investments are not intended to be used as guidelines for developing investment strategies but, rather, are to be viewed as investment suggestions based on past performance, we submit the following the best investment options for retired person :

“Worst investments” is the best investment options for retired person

Commodities speculation

Commodities trading is the buying and selling of materials for future delivery. Unless you have the absolute conviction that everything you own belongs to God and can go to bed at night with the understanding that everything you have worked for most of your life can be lost while you sleep and the thought of that possibility is irrelevant to you with regard to your life and lifestyle, don’t trade commodities.

Partnerships :

The most common financial partnerships are limited partnerships, meaning that the contractual arrangement specifies a general partner and one or more limited partners. The intent is to limit the liability of the limited partners to their financial investments only. But because of recaptured deferred taxes, seldom do investors recoup their initial investments in the length of time originally proposed, if ever.

Tax shelters :

Tax shelters are used primarily to defer income taxes, rather than for any economic value they might have. Since the 1986 Tax Reform Act, tax shelters for the average investor have been curtailed. Generally, the only people who can be profitable in tax shelter investments are those who have a large amount of passive income, rather than earned income. So, for the average American worker, tax shelters are not recommended.

Gemstones :

The diamond on your finger is not an investment; it’s a keepsake. Most novice gem speculators usually buy high and sell low. Gem investing is for those who have nerves of steel, the strong at heart, and the rich. Seldom do investors make any money in gems, unless they are one of a small group of international gem professionals of gem collectors.

Collectibles :

Coins, stamps, books, porcelain, works of art, and other unique items can be good investments for knowledgeable buyers who take the time and effort to become proficient at their trade or for those who collect such items as a hobby or for leisure. However, for the average non-professional collectibles investor, the market is extremely limited and slow moving—neither worth the time nor the effort when compared to the limited financial rewards.

Stocks :

Although the knowledgeable, professional investors can and do make money regularly on common stock, average investors are not equipped to accurately speculate on which stock will do well and which will not. If the average investor would invest in a common stock, leave it for 10 years, and not touch it, it probably would keep up with inflation and perhaps even gain 3 or 4 percent. But seldom do average investors do that. They generally try to move their investments from stock to stock in order to reap the maximum benefits. Since they are not professionals and their knowledge is limited, most end up making little and, in many cases, losing their initial investment.

best investment options for retired person

Best investments

Residential housing :

Without question, the best overall investment for the majority of Americans has been their homes. Residential housing has kept pace with inflation; in addition, it has appreciated on the average approximately 4 percent annually. A simple investment plan to follow is to make the ownership of your home your first investment priority.

Rental properties :

It is often said that the thing you know best you do best. The majority of Americans know how to evaluate rental properties, particularly residential housing. Therefore, they are a logical investment. However, rental properties are not for everybody. Unless you have a strong personality and are willing to evict some nonpaying tenants from time to time, you need to avoid becoming a landlord. However, one of the attractive aspects of rental property is that the initial investment is not excessively large in many areas. In addition, once the property is rented the tenants pay off the mortgage for you.

Mutual funds :

The whole concept of mutual funds is designed to attract the average investor. The pooling of a large number of small investors’ monies to buy a broad diversity of stocks and other securities is a simple way of spreading the risks. Mutual funds are good investments because (1) most allow small incremental investments, (2) they provide professional investment management, and (3) they allow great flexibility through the shifting of funds between a variety of investment assets.

Insurance products :

With the dual benefit of insurance coverage plus higher yields, insurance products such as annuities and whole-life insurance have become viable products for long-term investors.

Company retirement plans :

The investments available through a company retirement plan are the same as those you might choose personally. One major advantage with company-sponsored retirement plans is that usually the funds are tax deferred. Additionally, many companies offer matching funds based on a percentage of what you elect to invest yourself.

Government backed securities :

Government backed investments are considered to be absolute security. Although they may not be the best performers, they are without a doubt the most secure.

Conclusion :

Although we are not qualified to give professional investment advice, we can present information that suggests what have been the worst and best investment options for retired person, based on past performance. We are not suggesting that you invest in the best and avoid the worst. We only propose that you consider these findings (along with prayer and seeking counsel from a trusted investment professional) before you make your investment decisions.

Information for this article was taken from

And they had collected from the Larry Burkett’s Investing for the Future, Chapters 5 and 6, ChariotVictor, 1999.

Forex Trade Source of income via internet

Let’s see how can Forex Trading as a Source of Income via internet

When people hear about earning via internet they react each according to their own way. Some of them have become despaired seeing the output of earning in this easy way. Some of them could not do well in the competitive market of freelancing. Forex Trading can be put between these two. Here you need not to be so skilled like freelancing. If you have the basic knowledge about trading then you can start it. You have a huge scope to know here.

It is better to be careful at the beginning that Forex is somewhat like Share Market. The investors in the Bangladeshi Share Market know well that here as they can profit very quickly, they can face a huge loss at the same time. Without understanding the trade very well one should not invest money here.

Let’s see, how can forex trading as a source of income via internet :

What Forex In Fact Is: The word Forex is formed from Foreign Exchange. It is the international market of the transaction of foreign currency that is taking place at every moment. One can invest there via internet and can withdraw the profit in the same way at any moment. The rate of transaction is shown every moment by graph.

Though we started our article comparing with Share market, it has some difference between these two. This trade takes place between two currencies or through the price of a commodity. Let us see an example. About one month ago the price of the Australian Dollar was higher than American Dollar. Or the price of Indian Rupee is gradually decreasing comparing to American Dollar. The difference between two currencies takes place at every moment. Forex is the earning method by business using this difference of currencies.

Forex Trade Source of income via internet

Suppose, you have invested with Dollar and Euro on behalf of Dollar. At this moment 1 Dollar equals to 0.76876 Euro. Seeing the graph you thought that the price of Euro may rise higher comparing to Dollar. You have bought 1000 Euro. After 10 seconds you see that rate of Euro has increased to 0.0 002%. So, you have benefited 0.02 Euro. Now if you sell, you will gain the money of benefit. On the other hand if the price of Euro decreases (the price if Dollar increases) then you will lose.

The main facility of Forex is that you can trade here at any time. You can use your own currency in lieu of Euro opposite to Dollar.

Now the price of gold is decreasing gradually. You can earn using this situation. If you have invested on behalf of Dollar, then as much as the price of gold decreases, the much of your benefit is. If the price of gold increases, you will lose. You can change your direction at any moment.

To understand ‘when and to who are to invest’ is the key point of Forex. For that there is much scope to analyze from different point and many angles. To learn Forex means to understand these points.

How To Trade Forex Practically: You have to be a member of a Forex Broker. There are thousands of Brokers. One can be a member of any of those at any time. To be careful here is better because there are many fake sites beside original sites that can do forgery with you. You can rely upon those sites which have been trading for five years or more. In most of the time software named Metatrader are used to make trade. So, download this software from broker site and install it. Follow the instructions given by them.

There is thing named Dummy Trade in the Forex sites. If you become their member, you can trade with imaginary money. Suppose you have invested 10000 Dollar. So, you can examine here how you can profit with this money or how you can protect your loss.  The difference with the real money is that here you have no risk of loss or you cannot draw a single penny although you profit here a great amount.

You can trade with the real money when you can understand that you have comprehended Forex, can make profit or can avoid loss. You can use Skrill (Money Bookers), Payza (Alert-Pay) to withdraw money. You can take the help of a freelancer to withdraw money for the first time.

The lowest amount of investment varies from Brokers to Brokers. It ranges like 1, 50, 100, 200 Dollar. They pay loan to their members up to 1000 folds based on their investment. It means if you invest 100 dollar, you can trade with 1000,000 Dollar. Again! Careful!! Don’t invest this huge amount of money in the same trade. It will enhance your risk of loss beside your high hope of huge profit.

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The common rule of carefulness is that try not to trade with those which change frequently. The stable currencies like Dollar-Pound-Euro etc are comparatively safe for the newbie.

How to Learn: One should not do Forex without understanding it very well. If you want to do this job then try to know it well at first. You can know it from internet, video tutorial, ebook etc. Trade in the Dummy site at least for one month.

There are a lot of good information about forex .Sight other blogs. If desired, you can come back, Link

how to earn litecoins easily

How to Earn Litecoins – Get Litecoin Online easily

How do you earn Litecoins online to play around by them? Litecoins are a opposing crypto-currency to Bitcoin and is advertise as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. There are a lot of opposing crypto-currencies in the marketplace but Litecoin is the most excellent recognized out of them all. It has also been about the best ever. Because of writing this, the value of LTC (Litecoin)/USD = $2.7 as per Vircurex exchange. That’s of sensible price for a crypto-currency especially if it gets more extensively adopted through the businesses.

It is actually a very simple way, if you have a little trouble, then you are bound to succeed. Now lets look at how to earn Litecoins. The additional excellent thing about Litecoins is that it has an extremely devoted core developer group who also be active in making the Bitcoin and that creates a lot of difference for the success of a crypto-currency. Litecoin as well has a little but passionate user base. It aims to resolve a few of the problems of earn Bitcoins online such as providing a sooner confirmation system for transactions. Also, by using the Script procedure instead of the SHA256, Litecoin be able to keep it attractive for the regular everyday miners (which are disappearing for Bitcoin known the advance of ASICs).

how to earn litecoins easily

So how do you get Litecoin to try this out? I will inform this list as it grows, but here are faucets that I found. Let me recognize if I am missing any. Most of the faucets advertise on other blogs are out of date and don’t actually give you Litecoins.

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How to Earn Litecoins:

Buy/Sell/Trade Litecoins: There is some way to trade Litecoin for Bitcoin or extra crypto-currencies. Cryptsy is the main exchange, Bter has the lowest cost, and Vircurex be able to have better deals.

Pro Tips (Get rewarded To in Litecoin): If you want to get some quick Litecoins for small tasks online then check out this website. It allows you to cash your points in LTC (Litcoin). It’s very simple to arrive at the payout. My favorite tasks are Virool Videos and Supersonic, other than there are many tasks that you can ensure out like listen to Loyalty Radio & getting 1m LTC (Litcoin) every 10 minutes. Pays far advanced than any of the faucets scheduled below, and here are many things you can do and improve your earning.

Qoin Pro (confirmed): This pays you regarding 1-1.5 uLTC (Litecoin) for each day without you have to do something – no catch! Even though not an extremely high pays, it’s totally free and you don’t need to go into catches. It’s a confirmed paying site and not a scam. In adding to daily free of charge Litecoin, you also earn free Bitcoin and Feathercoin each day. The payouts are different every day, remember-you’re paid automatically without having to do something. I’ve had a large knowledge so far.

Litecoin Faucet 1 (confirmed): You need to bring together 10-15 u LTC (Litecoin) to earn the payout, which must take about 8-10 days to bring together. If you do this each day, you can earn three sooner as there is a extra 5% if you visit the valve each day, so the fifth day, in its place of the advertised quantity, you’ll actually accept 1.25 times the award, up to a highest of 2.0 times the shown gift.

Litecoin Faucet 2 (confirmed): Equal of 100 u BTC (Bitcoin) paid out in LTC (Litecoin). Can also be redeeming in BTC (Bitcoin).

Litecoin Faucet 2 (site now unavailable): This look like a very talented LTC (Litecoin) valve. You earn 1.075 m LTC (Litecoin) per 30 minutes and the extra prize multiplier can go up to 1.75 xs. The lowest payout is 0.04 LTC (Litecoin) or 40m LTC (Litecoin. Should not get too extended for the payout.

Litecoin Faucet 3 (site now unavailable): This is a fortune based LTC (Litecoin) valve. You can go into your Litecoin address one time a day and one victor will be selected. Sincerely, I’ve never win here so not sure how rightful the draw is.

Litecoin Faucet 4 (faucet now dry but the site promise it will be back): This is at present dry but was one of the most excellent LTC (Litecoin) faucets when it was lively. The website has promise to get this back what time they are able to put together this faucet with the relax of the site, so check back another time. I’ll inform the position of this as soon as it opens up another time.

Free 0.1 Litecoin (offer now closed): This is a just one time offer. You want to join this website, letter the unique address and position it on this forum. You’ll earn 0.1 LTC (Litecoin) for doing this. You can also risk with this free LTC (Litecoin) or very soon withdraw it.

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Litecoin donation/gift address: LLpHuu4u1wYmaJyUwoWH7nySwKBKx65Sbs

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