Download Top 6 Best Free Antivirus for Android Phones

Here I publish in 2014 on top best free antivirus for android phones. The basic need that I think for the majority of smartphone users who use this system to protect against harmful things. Proper virus protection for Android, which you can download from your device

Google’s Android mobile operating system has its competitors behind and if you Android device, then many apps, games must have tried it so far. This is what the main stream of this great system. When the fun games and applications will increase with the device and on the other hand, this is also the performance entail problems of viruses, malware, etc. and the only way to protect against these things context is that a premium or Free Antivirus Android phones.

Although Google Play examines the harmful things insurance does not affect the device, but many developers still brutally that your Android device. In addition to the applications and games, Internet serves as a source of the virus in the system. Keep viruses. Due to the antivirus applications to Android devices do not know what? Here’s 6 Best Anti Virus for Android Smartphone in 2014 the list of the top.

I tell you one thing, none of this anti – virus for Android is better than the other, and yet offer the same safety. It’s just the name of the brand is at stake. So if you get confused, then you should not be. Simply select and download to your phone and enjoy the first-class protection.

Functions in Free Antivirus looking for Android phones

There are some things to consider when you are looking for a free antivirus for Android, and its ability to identify and remove. Viruses or other spyware these are:

  • The virus re- submits a constantly updated database of known viruses and should be able to scan the system files to an infection.
  • The real- time analysis and inspection of mobile apps for viruses to consider. Several functions Software theft is a desired property. The program is designed to help the owner of the machine in case of theft takes his / device.
  • One of the things that need attention is the protection of the relevant information on your device. There are hundreds of apps in the Android Market for mobile antivirus software on your phone to keep viruses.

Top 6 Best Free Antivirus for Android Phones :

Below I list the class above, download the best antivirus for Android phone, which can give you more coverage. So my list of the top 6 Android Smartphone antivirus app starts here.

AVG Antivirus Free for Android

I’ve heard that name before? If not, it may not be a user of Windows PC, including his. Anyway, the Android app, allows you to keep your device. Viruses You can schedule scans or can also be done manually. In addition, the role of real-time is scanning system to scan new files regardless of whether they are downloaded from the Internet or received from one of his friends. I think it’s done one of the best antiviruses ever for users of Android phones.

best free antivirus for android phones

Download from Here Free AVG Antivirus

Lookout Android / Mobile Security

This will be the best security application for Android now assessed. The application comes with great features that will help your Android free from any kind of viruses to you. Scan function in real time makes it better than the best. Once you have this app on your phone, forget about new virus hit the doors of the unit. Virus old? Imagine a full system scan and kill them all. If I ‘m not fascinated by AVG Free and then go for this free antivirus for Android.

Download from Here Lookout Android / Mobile Security

Avast! Android / Mobile Security

All pc users do not even have the second single will be downloaded on their Android devices. To the app this is what won the avast antivirus reputation through high quality work in their field. You can download Avast Antivirus App from Google Play for free. After downloading, we recommend an analysis of the full-time, so you can take it to the next level, maybe. Your Android performance.

Download from Here Avast Android / Mobile Security

McAfee Antivirus for Android

This provides the same quality of work that makes the PC version. Ever heard of the PC version is used? Whether or not, you can not miss the Android version. The application is on Google Play for free downloading. In addition to protection against incoming new virus from any source, ancient viruses, etc., the application also provides backup and restore feature. If you have used this software on your computer, you can download McAfee Anti – Virus for Android.

Download from Here McAfee Android App

Kaspersky Android / Mobile Security

Comes with real-time scanning, automatic scanning, and protection against spam SMS, web security, etc. All these safety results in the full backup of your Android device. The application will be paid, but worth the price. Well, there is a more detailed description of this peak and the best antivirus for android, how do you know all of its features and capabilities.

Download from Here Kaspersky Android / Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus

This is new and top free Android antivirus Bitdefender number 1 is in fact already on the list of the best antivirus PC for the last year for all the blogs first level. The Android version is also not lagging behind. Perfect protection is provided against viruses, malware, spyware . The application is not the amount of memory, so no Leistungsfragenzu eat after installing the application.

Download from Here Bitdefender Mobile Security

Just go to Google Play Store and search for the desired application and then you can download one of the best antivirus app for your Android Smartphone.

I hope you enjoy this post, and now you need to have downloaded more Top Antivirus for Android, and if you encounter a problem, please comment and let us find the solution them. Thanks.

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